Best Kitchen Faucet Brands 2023 [Update]

Which Brand is the Best?

Deciding which brand of kitchen faucet is the best isn’t easy, but it’s an important step you should take before you buy a new faucet. I decided to write down some of my thoughts and opinions about this topic to help you choose.

Always make sure that you’re purchasing your kitchen faucet from a highly respected manufacturer. Look for a brand that builds great faucets, but also offers a decent warranty and good customer service once you’ve purchased.

The Best Brands and Technologies for Kitchen Faucets

1. Delta Kitchen Faucets

delta logoThis is a well-recognized name and probably the most respected manufacturer in the industry. They have patented their own technologies in order to make the best faucets. Each faucet is tested thoroughly – they turn it on and off 500,000 times to be sure that it will not leak even after years of use. More than one hundred faucets are hand-inspected to guarantee high quality. This company also offers lifetime limited warranties with its products.

Here are Delta’s exclusive features:

  • Diamond Valve – The interior of the faucet is lined with a seal made from actual diamonds, strengthening the valves and extending the faucet’s lifetime.
  • Touch20 Technology – Touch-sensitive technology patented by Delta. With just a touch, you can turn the faucet off or on.
  • Multiflow
  • Water Efficiency
  • MagnaTite Docking – magnets lock the pull-out or pull-down spray wand into place when you return it to its docking position

The 9192T, the 980T-SSSD-DST, and the 9178-DST Leland are among Delta’s most highly-rated faucets for kitchens.

All of these are available if you shop on Amazon offers the best discounts and deals that you’ll find anywhere.

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2. Moen Kitchen Faucets

moen logoThis brand is famous for models and styles that think outside the box. Faucets from Moen have perfectly balanced water pressure and come in many unique designs. Moen offers a lifetime limited warranty with every faucet it sells, guaranteeing the product will be free of drips, leaks and defects of the finish.

Here are Moen’s exclusive features:

  • Reflex – the pull-down or pull-out spray wand retracts easily with this design, as well as docking securely and maneuvering easily.
  • MotionSense – this is Moen’s patented touch technology. It allows you to turn the water off and on instantly with just a light touch.
  • Microban – The surface of the faucet is protected at all times against bacteria.
  • Spot Resist – This technology allows the finish to repel water spots and fingerprints, making the faucet easier to keep looking clean.
  • WaterSense – A precision flow optimized aerator allows the faucet to operate efficiently even thought the flow rate is lower than all the other faucets available
  • M-Pact System – This technology allows you to use different styles of faucet interchangeably on the same common valve system without needing additional plumbing.
  • Pause Button – This allows you to temporarily stop the water flow when you are filling a pot, watering a plant, or cleaning.

The Moen 7185 and the Moen 7594 are especially worth checking out.

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3. Kohler Kitchen Faucets

kohlerKohler has made a name for itself by manufacturing bathroom fixtures, kitchen faucets, power accessories, plus much more. They started manufacturing faucets all the way back in 1911. One of the best things about Kohler is the fact that they offer a selection of high quality faucets for every budget.

Here are Kohler’s exclusive features:

  • Temperature Memory – You can set a preferred temperature range for your faucet, and the faucet will remember it every time you use it. Available on the high-end models.
  • Ceramic Disc Valves – All Kohler faucets include these ceramic valves which improve performance and longevity. This great feature is well above the industry standard for faucet valves.
  • Swiveling Spout – These faucets feature spouts that can rotate through a full 360 degrees. This feature makes it easy for you to move the water flow to wherever you need it.

I’d recommend that you take a look at the K-10433-VS from Kohler.

If you’re shopping for faucets and are thinking of buying a Kohler, I suggest that you purchase from Amazon. That’s where you’ll find the best bargains.

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4. Kraus Kitchen Faucets

kraus logoThis is another top manufacturer of amazing kitchen faucets. These faucets feature the best craftsmanship, style, innovation and high quality.

Here are Kraus’s exclusive features:

  • Use of Bronze and Steel – Kraus is one of the only manufacturers that constructs a faucet with stainless steel and then finishes it in high-grade bronze. Their up-to-the-minute technology makes this possible.
  • Elegant Residential Design – This manufacturer puts an emphasis on designing faucets for the home that are just as durable as commercial faucets.
  • Life-long Customer Support – When you buy a product from Kraus, you get a lifetime guarantee that the faucet will continue working properly. This guarantee is supported by excellent customer service.

Be sure to check out my reviews of these faucets by Kraus: KPF-1602, KPF1612 and KPF-2130.

The best place to buy Kraus faucets is on Amazon, where you’ll find plenty of offers and discounts.

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5. Grohe Kitchen Faucets

grohe logoThis company is well known for its innovative designs. Grohe’s outstanding faucet designs have even received many awards. Their design process is highly specialized, which is one reason that they are one of the most respected faucet manufacturers in the industry.

Here are Grohe’s exclusive features

  • Star Light and Silk Move – These features are backed up with a lifetime warranty on maintenance and finish.
  • Grohe Whisper – The water flow is silent because Grohe uses sound-numbing joints. These and other components of the faucets are long-lasting and manufactured from the best quality materials.
  • Dream Spray – This patented technology causes the spray to be very fine, composed of tiny water droplets. Because of this technology you will use less water, saving you money and protecting the environment.
  • Grohe EcoJoy – All Grohe faucets use technology that allows them to conserve water and reduce overall consumption. They reduce flow without sacrificing quality or design.
  • Grohe Digital – This is Grohe’s touch-sensitive technology. This feature allows you to control water flow effortlessly with a simple touch
  • Grohe Zero – This patented alloy is used in all Grohe faucets, preventing corrosion.

Be sure to read my reviews of these kitchen faucets by Grohe: 33 759 SDO and 32 298 SDO.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Grohe faucet, I’d suggest that you look at Amazon. Their prices are lower than any other retailers, and you can always find discounts.

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6. Danze Kitchen Faucets

danze logoDanze’s good reputation is fueled by innovation. Although this company is a relative newcomer, it has earned a name for its technological masterpieces. Danze never compromises on design, style or quality. The best news is that many of their great kitchen faucets are priced affordably.

Here are a few of Danze’s best features:

  • Original Tumbled Bronze Finish – The classic faucet designs feature finishes that use bronze for a great modern look.
  • User-Friendly Design – All of Danze’s faucets are designed to be easy to use. In 2019, Danze even won an Innovation Award, which has further cemented their good reputation.
  • Opulence Line – This is a line of faucets that is available in five separate finishes, putting it ahead of the competition.
  • Parma Collection – This collection reinvents the humble kitchen faucet through the use of state-of-the-art technology and luxury design.

Take a look at my reviews of Danze’s top rated faucets: the D454557RB and the D455158SS.

The best place to buy a Danze faucet is Amazon online. That’s where you’ll find the best prices.

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For 2023, Delta ranks as the #1 best brand of kitchen faucets. Because they have so many great faucets, I gave them the top rating in this list.

However, all of these companies make great faucets. You probably have your preferences too, and might not rank these companies in the same order that I did. But I stand by my opinion that Delta’s kitchen faucets are the best when you compare them to other brands on the market.

You can find more information about these companies: