Moen 7185CSL Brantford Review

Moen 7185CSL Brantford Review

Moen is one of the most respected and popular manufacturers of kitchen accessories and fixtures in America today, and for good reason. The 7185CSL is one of the star faucets in Moen’s Brantford collection, a series that uses classic designs and shapes. With its classic yet contemporary stainless steel finish, this faucet will look good in any kitchen. The 7185CSL has a lot of modern features and functions, but on the outside all you notice is the traditional style and finish. The single-handled design combined with a pull-down spray is versatile and easy to use. There are three different options for spray, which you can control using the buttons behind the spout.

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  • Water flow is not overpowering, as it is with some faucets
  • The placement of the controls at the back of the faucet head is convenient
  • Installation is an easy DIY project; no need for a plumber


  • The purchase does not include a cover for existing holes, so if your current sink has more holes than you’ll need, you need to find your own cover.

Function: 5 stars (out of 5)

Moen’s design team clearly made a concerted effort to make this faucet as easy as possible to install. It only took me 20 minutes to install mine in the kitchen. As far as features go, the three different settings include aerated flow, a strong spray for rinsing, and a pause setting that you’ll love.

Style: 5 stars

The design of this Moen faucet is simple and traditional, and it has an air of sophistication. The stainless steel finish gives the faucet a clean, classic look that is timeless enough to work with most décors and color schemes. There’s no danger that this faucet will start looking dated in a few years.

Durability: 5 stars

The Moen 7185CSL stands out because it is solidly built and robust, which is unfortunately not true of many faucets on the market. We’ve had our faucet installed for a few months now, and it’s not showing any signs of wear at all, even though it gets a lot of use every day. The stainless finish is high quality and so far I can’t see any signs of scratching or flaking.

Extras: 5 stars

The action of the handle is extremely smooth, making it easy to fine-tune the temperature and flow rate. The spray head pulls out smoothly and it retracts automatically to its docking position however far you pull it out. The docking mechanism doesn’t click into place as it would with a magnetic system, but I no longer notice this. The water flow rate for this faucet is 2.2 gallons per minute, so it’s quick and easy to fill big containers and wash large pots and bowls.

Repair and Warranty: 5 stars

Moen offers a lifetime warranty with this model, a good sign that the company has confidence in its products. The LifeShine finish is also guaranteed not to tarnish, flake or corrode. I personally felt a lot better about spending my money on this faucet when I found out about the lifetime warranty. I’ve also observed that Moen’s customer service department is very efficient, so if you do have a problem with the faucet they will deal with it effectively. But right now I believe that this faucet is going to be working in my kitchen for many years to come.

Our Rating Overall: 4.9 stars

Your kitchen is central to life in your home, so you shouldn’t hesitate to look for the best quality fixtures. Saving a bit on sub-standard fixtures will only cause you more trouble and expense in the long run. Now that I’ve been using the Moen 7185CSL for a while, I’m glad that I chose it even though there were cheaper faucets out there. It works efficiently and looks great too. I’m recommending this kitchen faucet to a cousin of mine who is building a new home, and I’m sure it’s going to look amazing in his brick house.

Specifications and Features

  • One-handled design is easy to use
  • Classic stainless steel finish gives a versatile look
  • Pull-down spray
  • One-hole installation
  • ADA compliant

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