Reviews of the Best Pfister Faucet Models

pfister logoWith its combination of quality craftsmanship and stunning designs, Pfister has created a beautiful collection of faucets that can bring out the full potential of your kitchen décor. Whether you’re looking for old-fashioned elegance, modern style, or a combination of the two, you will find the perfect upgrade in Pfister’s line. Cutting-edge design will allow you to get your kitchen sink chores done faster and more efficiently than ever, making Pfister a great choice for any kitchen.

There’s so much to choose from in this line that narrowing down your choices can be difficult. This chart makes it easier for you to see how each of these models compares at a glance, which should make help you make your decision.

What Sets Pfister Faucets Apart?

Quality is what really makes Pfister kitchen faucets stand out from the rest. Their claim of being “unsurpassed in quality” is justified because the company constantly strives for improvement in its products. From updated manufacturing processes to better product testing, Pfister ensures that any faucet you purchase from them will help you improve the style and the functionality of your kitchen.

When you buy from Pfister, the relationship isn’t over as soon as you make your purchase. Buying the faucet is only the beginning! Every Pfister kitchen faucet is backed up by a promise of leak-free performance for a lifetime. The functionality and finish of every faucet is also covered under a lifetime warranty. A specialized customer service team is at your disposal if you need help with any problem or have any questions. They can even help if you’re having trouble installing your faucet. This service really sets Pfister apart from the competition.

This “Pforever” warranty guarantees you that each and every Pfister product will operate without any defects over the course of the product’s entire lifetime. The commercial warranty alone covers a 10-year period, with the finish being guaranteed for 5 years. When a company sets out to create a line of exceptionally good kitchen faucets, experience is key. The fact that Pfister is willing to stand behind the products they manufacture with substantial warranties gives you the confidence that you are getting an excellent product, and that if anything goes wrong, the company will make it right.

Why Buy a Kitchen Faucet by Pfister?

Pfister’s kitchen faucets are all about professional quality. When you buy from this brand, you’re investing in a product that is both innovative in design and backed up by more than a hundred years of experience. Spectrum Brands also brings considerable home improvement and global hardware expertise to the table. This combination of experience and innovation is what make Pfister faucets professional grade products.

There are other faucets out there that look just as good as those from Pfister, so why does this brand produce faucets that deserve to be labeled “professional grade?” In the case of Pfister, this means that every model is customized for you. Choosing a faucet from Pfister’s line means that you end up with something designed specifically with you in mind. With all-metal construction, a wide range of available finishes and a valve design that exceeds industry standards, each Pfister faucet is created to give you hassle-free operation.

It has become a bit of cliché to say that the customer always comes first, and the phrase is often nothing more than an empty platitude. However, with Pfister, you can rest assured that the engineering experts really have consulted with market researchers to deliver the features that customers value the most in a modern faucet. This attention to research is evident in every model they produce, from entry-level faucets to the top of the line. Whichever faucet you choose for your kitchen, it will meet your requirements perfectly.

Choosing the Best Faucet for Your Kitchen

We often get so excited about the features available on new faucets that we forget we have to work with our existing plumbing. If you overlook this issue, you may end up with a lot of problems caused by a faucet that doesn’t work with your plumbing. Compatibility is essential, whether you’re looking at counterweighted pullout hoses that might get snagged on your sink trap or extensions to your water line. So take a look under the sink before you buy.

What should you look at to determine whether or not a faucet will work with your existing sink and plumbing?

  • Can you adjust the extension hose counterweight in order to decrease or increase the amount of hose you use when you pull the spray wand out?
  • Will the water lines be long enough to reach your water supply lines, or do you have to buy line extensions?
  • Do you have the right sized installation holes in your sink deck to use with the new faucet?

When you’re upgrading to a new kitchen faucet, the last point can end up being a big problem for you. The newest one-point installation models often have a diameter of less than 1 ½ inches, making them narrow enough to fall right through the 2-inch installation holes on some older sinks. That’s not what you’re looking for!

Don’t forget to fully measure your installation points before you order your new faucet. If your existing faucet has separate controls for hot and cold water you may want to buy a new faucet that uses multiple installation holes. Alternatively, you may be able to find a deck plate to cover the unwanted installation points if you prefer a single-point installation faucet from Pfister.

When you’ve done your homework before you start shopping, the whole process goes much more smoothly. Evaluate, measure, and get familiar with what is going on with the plumbing under your kitchen cabinet, and choosing the perfect Pfister faucet will be easy.

How Much Do Pfister Kitchen Faucets Cost?

You’ll be happy to learn that Pfister faucets are really quite affordable considering their quality. The vast majority of their faucets, regardless of what model you choose, cost less than $200. On average you can expect to pay around $150, and certainly you won’t have to pay more than $179 in today’s market.

People don’t always classify Pfister as a top-of-the-line manufacturer of kitchen faucets, but they maintain consistent enough quality to deserve this designation. In fact, many Pfister products are as good as or better than corresponding faucets made by manufacturers who charge two or three times as much for their products.

In the end it comes down to Pfister’s number one priority: you, the customer. If a company puts time and effort into understanding your needs and wishes, you’re bound to end up with a better product and overall experience.

Our Reviews of Pfister Kitchen Faucets

Pfister Avalon 2-Handle 4-Hole High-Arc Kitchen Faucet w/Side SprayPfister Avalon 4-Hole 2-Handle High Arc Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray

At a little more than 8 inches in height, this faucet comes with every piece of mounting hardware needed in order to complete the installation. This model also complies with low lead regulations, so you can appreciate the classic elements of design of the Avalon faucet by Pfister no matter where you live.

The manufacturer describes the Pfister Amazon as a design inspired by ocean breezes and seaside views. Whatever the inspiration behind the design, this model outsells many of the others because it looks good in almost any setting.>>Check out Amazon for more discounts<<

Pfister Marielle 1-Handle 3-Hole High-Arc Bar Prep Kitchen FaucetPfister Marielle 3-Hole One-Handle High Arc Bar Prep Faucet

This model may not be the best choice if what you need is a big primary kitchen faucet. Apart from that, this faucet really doesn’t have any down sides. It features a good design and solid metal construction.

This faucet has a 1.5 GPM flow rate if you use the aerator as installed, allowing you to save as much as 30 percent of your water usage. As tempting as it may be to take out the aerator, doing so will void your warranty, so we don’t recommend it.>>Check out Amazon for more discounts<<

Pfister Pfirst Series 1-Handle 3-Hole Mid-Arc Kitchen Faucet w/Side SprayPfister Pfirst 3-Hole One-Handle Medium-Arc Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray

This model’s biggest selling point is its high-quality manufacturing process. Constructed of brass, this kitchen faucet’s finish is heavily plated to resist both discoloration and corrosion. It complies with low lead requirements at both the local and the national levels.

Although this model is priced at what most people would consider an affordable level, the manufacturer hasn’t cut corners with the quality. It performs its functions perfectly and lets you get your sink chores done easily and efficiently. When your budget is tight, you will get the best value for your money with this model.>>Check out Amazon for more discounts<<

Pfister Avanti 1-Handle 1 or 3-Hole Pull-Down Kitchen FaucetPfister Avanti 1 or 3 Hole Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet

One of the best things about buying this Pfister model is that your purchase includes an item known as the “quick install tool.” This lets you do the tightening yourself without any need for special tools, allowing you to install the faucet easily by yourself. You just have to have the supply lines where they need to be and plumber’s putty on hand.

If you’re in the market for a solid all-inclusive combination faucet that you can install yourself that will give your kitchen’s style a quick upgrade, this is a model that you should definitely put on your short list.>>Check out Amazon for more discounts<<

Pfister Wheaton 1-Handle 1, 2, 3 or 4-Hole Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet w/Soap DispenserPfister Wheaton 1 to 4-Hole One-Handle Pull-Down Faucet with Soap Dispenser

The design of this pull-down kitchen faucet is specifically intended to make your sink tasks faster and more efficient. The convenient and easy-to-use control lever, the top-fill soap dispenser and the timeless gooseneck shape all combine to improve both the function and the style of your kitchen.

For all its style and function, this faucet does have an issue with its pumping mechanism, which seems to deteriorate until it eventually needs repairs. However, the pull-down feature works flawlessly, giving you enough flexibility even with a deep sink. And the stylish appearance will give any kitchen an instant facelift.>>Check out Amazon for more discounts<<

Kitchen faucets by Pfister are built for the long haul. They’re a very affordable choice from a proven brand that doesn’t compromise on quality for the sake of marginally improving their bottom line. If you need a budget-friendly faucet to upgrade your kitchen’s look and functionality, Pfister may have the exact model that you’re looking for. Check out our comprehensive reviews right now and see if a Pfister faucet is the right choice for you.