Buying Considerations

If you decide that your kitchen faucet needs replacing, or if you’re buying a brand-new one for a kitchen renovation, you may be surprised by how many factors you need to consider when you’re making a choice. Through the years, I’ve seen a lot of complaints from customers who bought a kitchen faucet and later realized that it didn’t quite fit the bill when it came to style and practicality, or else it simply didn’t fit.

That’s why I’ve included these pointers to give you a better idea of the kind of faucet that will work best for you:


I want to talk about this first because, in all honesty, it should be the first factor you think about. I don’t just mean that you should buy one that is easy to install – different faucet installations need a sink unit with different numbers of holes. You can always add more holes to your sink if necessary (and if there’s enough room), but just be aware that this complicates the installation process.

The manufacturer will usually tell you how many holes are needed in the specs. Just try not to set your heart on a model with that perfect stainless steel finish and buy it without first checking the hole requirements (particularly if your countertop already has 3 or more holes in it).

The models that only require one hole for installation are generally the designs with an integrated handle and spout. Some of these faucets also feature integrated spray wands too.

Three-hole installations are pretty common too. These faucets are usually either two-handled faucets plus spout, or integrated spout and handle with a separate side spray.

What is your kitchen sink like?What Type of Sink Do You Have

All sinks are not alike, so you need to look at the one you have when choosing a good faucet. If there isn’t much room above the sink, you’ll need to be careful about the height of the spout. Some of the models I’ve reviewed here have spouts that are more than 20 inches high, so measure first!

If your sink is very deep, you’re probably better off with a spout that’s on the shorter side just to reduce how much splash-back there is. If you like faucets with integrated spray, you will probably be happiest with a pull-down model.

Of course, the opposite is true for shallow sinks.  A pull-out faucet is a real benefit to you because the hose is much more maneuverable, so you can fill big pots and pans on the countertop that don’t fit well into your sink. Side spray and pull-out faucets are both good choices if you have a double sink.


This may be the first thing that you think about, and you might even get disappointed if you realize that the high-arcing spout you like so much probably isn’t the best option.

But there are so many options out there, so don’t lose heart! If you want some extra guidance on finding the right design, have a look at my page about different styles of faucet.

If you take a look through this website, I’m confident that you’re going to find a faucet that goes well with your kitchen’s décor, and maybe even gives it a bit of a lift.