Danze D455158SS Parma Review

Commercial Style without Paying a Commercial Price!

Those of you who are more or less the same age as me will know what I mean when I say that back in the olden days faucets in home kitchens used to be pretty simple. They were just a utilitarian part of your kitchen and most of them had two spouts with one handle each. Most of these faucets used the old style knobs, and if your memories from childhood are the same as mine, you’ll remember how hard they could be to turn. Sometimes they just stopped working for no reason!

Now the function and design of the humble kitchen faucet has really evolved. There was a time when there was almost no choice of different faucet types, but those days are long gone. These days a bigger problem (from my point of view) is narrowing down all of the options to choose just a few for this website!

Danze D455158SS Parma Review
Danze D455158SS Parma @Amazon

In this review I’m going to tell you all about the D455158SS Parma by Danze. This model is a pre-rinse one-handled faucet. Because some of you prefer the commercial kitchen look for your sink, but you probably don’t want to pay as much as a faucet like this would normally cost, I decided to include this faucet in this set of reviews. If you’re a fan of minimalist, ultra-modern design, you’ll like this model.

So first, let’s talk about style.

Do you want a faucet that everyone will notice as soon as they enter your kitchen? If so, this faucet will definitely do that. At a height of 22 ¾ inches, it arches out over the sink but never looks intrusive. This model comes in two finishes: chrome and stainless steel. These are versatile to look good no matter what your kitchen décor is like.

After you install this faucet, you may be tempted to look at it more often than you use it! The fresh clean lines will bring a modern sensibility to your kitchen sink area, and will revitalize your kitchen’s overall style instantly.

Versatile and Drip Free

This model contains a ceramic disk valve which makes the whole faucet operate smoothly while preventing leaks at the same time. The ten-inch spray hose operates in two different spray modes. One mode is aerated stream, allowing you to wash your dishes or just your hands easily and comfortably. The other mode is spray, which you will use when you rinse your fresh produce and when you do heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

The spray attachment uses a spring design that is also an important element in the faucet’s style. When you finish using the spray wand, it easily springs back into position. The one drawback that some people (including myself) have noticed is that the spray head is made from plastic rather than metal. If you use your kitchen a lot, this feature of your faucet will get a lot of use, so it’s something to be aware of.

On the other hand, this model comes with a lifetime limited guarantee. It also complies with the ADA requirements, and its low lead levels comply with both the Vermont 193 Act and California AB 1953.

On the whole, I feel that this faucet has both the great looks and great functionality to make it a valuable addition to any kitchen. Unlike most commercial faucets, it won’t break the bank, either. Why not head over to Amazon to see what deals you can get on the price?

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