Reviews of the Best Pegasus Faucet Models

Pegasus is known for emphasizing innovation in their line of kitchen faucets. While many manufacturers are content to stick with a tried and true classic design, Pegasus always goes out on a limb and tries to improve the old designs. As a result, their kitchen faucets always fuse classic, traditional style with modern functionality, making them a great choice when you’re trying to upgrade your kitchen’s look and function.

What is the benefit of having a Pegasus faucet in your kitchen?

Pegasus offers a number of distinct kitchen faucet models today. Every model has its own distinct advantages, but not every faucet is the right choice for your kitchen. To find the one that’s right for you, take a look at this chart to compare and contrast the various models and what they have to offer.

What Sets Pegasus Faucets Apart?

In our contemporary culture, we seem to have fallen into a couple of errors in thinking: One is that only a privileged minority can have luxury in their lives, and the other is that the quality of a product is something that will be apparent right away. With Pegasus faucets, you will find that they have paid attention to artistry in their designs at the same time as incrementally improving the function. Right away you’ll notice the quality, but later you will notice that you save time in your daily chores, leading you to appreciate the quality of the faucet more as time goes by.

As well as emphasizing style and artistry, Pegasus has succeeded in including several features in their faucets that you would normally only expect to see in high-end brands whose products cost triple or quadruple the amount you pay for a Pegasus faucet. You can always count on a Pegasus kitchen faucet to work as advertised.

With a range of styles from the traditional high arc to the lamppost design, Pegasus distinguishes itself by offering a sense of luxury without the high price tag that usually goes along with luxury products. You can give your kitchen a more upscale look while still staying within a reasonable budget.

Why Choose a Kitchen Faucet by Pegasus?

Pegasus faucets use only the best quality materials in their construction. You will see that the waterways are made of solid copper or brass, giving you a product that is reliable and durable even after a lot of use. Good quality finishes mean that you won’t have to deal with discoloration, corrosion or other damage caused by use and by the kitchen environment.

With some metal faucets of inferior quality, you may find flakes of the metal appearing in the water even when the faucet is brand new and recently installed. The outsourced manufacturing of this product means that you get a high quality faucet without paying a premium price. With Pegasus, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are getting the best of classic style, safety and innovative design.

Pegasus kitchen faucets are built for the long haul. Whether you have a busy household with lots of children or you’re upgrading a rental property, installing a faucet by Pegasus will affordably and effectively meet your goals. Along with cutting-edge design and style, you are getting a long-lasting product that will increase the value and functionality of your kitchen for years to come.

Choosing the Kitchen Faucet that’s Best for You

In order to make the right choice, you need to give some thought to what you kitchen sink is capable of handling. Before anything else, you have to understand the installation process required by your new faucet. If the installation is brand new, this is less of an issue since you can modify your sink or countertop to the requirements of the new faucet. When you’re replacing an existing faucet, you will have between one and four installation holes that you need to either use or cover.

You can certainly choose to buy a single-hole faucet even if your existing faucet uses 4 installation points, but you might have to search a bit to find an option that works. In this case you will need a deckplate that fits under the new faucet and covers the holes left by the old faucet. Sometimes these deckplates are included with your purchase of a new faucet; otherwise you will have to look around in hardware stores to find something that works.

You can also use extra installation points to accommodate accessories like a side sprayer or a soap or lotion dispenser. Often you can find accessories like these that coordinate with your new faucet.

Once you have a clear picture of your needs and wishes, knowing what to look for in the early research stage of faucet shopping will be much easier. Now all you have to do is find a faucet that meets your requirements and fits your budget, and you’ll have the perfect upgrade.

How Much Do Kitchen Faucets by Pegasus Cost?

This is a brand that places a high priority on retail stores, so their prices are comparable to other companies in this same market. The highest end Pegasus faucets cost about $200 if you shop online, and about 20 percent more than that if you buy them from a local retailer. At the entry level, Pegasus faucets cost somewhere around $100, with a similar markup for purchasing in a brick and mortar store.

In general, you should look at paying around $160 if you buy a new faucet from Pegasus. Compared to other brands on the market, this brand prices competitively and includes a wider range of styles than many. It’s definitely worth your while to look into Pegasus faucets and what they have to offer before you make any final decisions about your purchase.

Our Reviews of Kitchen Faucets by Pegasus

Pegasus Lyndhurst Series Two-Handle Kitchen FaucetPegasus Lyndhurst Series Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet

The biggest advantage of this model is its high level of durability. If you have a house full of kids, you know how destructive your family’s lifestyle can be to all kinds of household fixtures! The Lyndhurst faucet is constructed of metal components for better outcomes, particularly when it comes to the spray head.

This faucet has 9 1/16 inches of length, providing you with plenty of coverage even if you have a double basin. With this model you also will get 2 ½ inches of deck thickness (maximum), so you can make it work with a variety of pre-existing installation configurations as well as with a new installation.>>Check out Amazon for more discounts<<

Pegasus Newbury Pull-Out Spray Kitchen FaucetPegasus Newbury Pull-Out Spray Kitchen Faucet

Some people will not be happy with this, but the spray wand on this faucet is made of a durable, high quality plastic rather than metal. This does have some advantages: with heavy use, a metal spray wand can react with acidic elements and the natural oils on your skin in a way that damages the finish and even leads to corrosion affecting the water supply.

The back of the wand has a toggle switch to allow you to change the mode of the water flow easily. The spray wand is the perfect size to fit comfortably into most people’s hands. This lightweight spray feature makes it easy for you to finish your kitchen tasks quickly.>>Check out Amazon for more discounts<<

Pegasus Luca Single Bar FaucetPegasus Luca Single Bar Faucet

One important factor you need to take into account with this model is that it needs a certain amount of clearance for the lever to move fully. If your backsplash or wall is right against your kitchen sink, this faucet won’t work as the lever rotates backwards and forwards to change the temperature. You will need 3 or 4 inches of space in order to accommodate this faucet; otherwise it’s not a good choice.

The one handle design lets you control the temperature smoothly, especially when you only need a small amount of water. The ceramic disk valve will give you drip-free operation for a lifetime, and the brass used in construction makes this Pegasus faucet a good long-term investment.>>Check out Amazon for more discounts<<

Pegasus Traditional Vessel FaucetPegasus Traditional Vessel Faucet

How do you picture what a 16-inch tall faucet looks like? The average faucet is about 8 inches tall, so look at your own faucet and picture another one just like it stacked on top. That will give you a rough idea of how tall the Pegasus Traditional Vessel is.

The main appeal of this faucet is its appearance, but in some situations it’s perfectly good as a primary kitchen faucet. It’s stylish as well as functional, and it really doesn’t have any downsides.>>Check out Amazon for more discounts<<

With their heavy emphasis on retail markets, Pegasus faucets can provide you with a great upgrade for your kitchen if you invest in one of their products. Take a look through our full-length reviews of these models in order to get the information you need to make an educated choice. See if Pegasus offers a kitchen faucet that’s perfect for you!