Different Styles of Kitchen Faucet

In all honesty, kitchen faucets are now available in so many different styles that there’s no way I could list them all. Manufacturers have woken up to the fact that customers no longer see faucets as purely functional objects that just disappear into the background when they’re not in use.

No matter what your personal style sense is like, you can find a faucet on the market that fits into your décor perfectly. For this website, I decided to put the faucets I’m reviewing into a number of different categories to help you zero in on the one that works best for you.

Also, within each category you’ll see a variety of color choices. If you’re looking for traditional, modern or bold and innovative style, hopefully you’ll be able to find the right faucet for your needs. But first, I thought I’d make things easier by including this central page that lays out the different styles I’ve chosen with quick links to help you find more information.

Pull Out FaucetsPull Out Faucets

These faucets usually come with just one handle that let you adjust the temperature and water flow with one hand (a good feature if you’ve got something in your other hand). They also include a spray head that’s integrated into the spout, allowing you to move between the sink and the countertop. If you’ve got pots that are too big to fill in the sink, this feature lets you fill them on the counter easily.


Pull Down FaucetsPull Down Faucets

These faucets are almost the same as the pull-outs. The difference is that they let you move the spray wand downwards in a single fluid motion to access a big, deep sink. They are not so much intended to be used away from the sink.


Commercial/IndustrialCommercial Style

In the past this type of faucet was really only intended for use in commercial kitchens, but these days people are using them at home too, so I’ve included some here. If you read the reviews, you’ll see how you can use these faucets to add a professional touch to your home kitchen.

These faucets can be installed anywhere in your kitchen, but I think they look especially good and make a bold statement when the sink is installed in the middle of your kitchen.


Separate SpraySeparate Spray

In my experience, lots of people want to have a spray wand because of the convenience that it offers when it comes to rinsing food or dishes. But not everybody likes the integrated style of faucet that I mentioned earlier. This is why I decided to include some reviews of faucets with separate spray.


Touchless/Motion SensorTouchless/Motion Sensor

When you look at these models, you’ll see just how far the technology of kitchen faucets has advanced. You’ll see that the designs look amazing, and they’ve also included the most cutting-edge features on the market. If you’d really like to impress your family and friends, or if you just want to improve the hygiene and convenience of your kitchen, be sure to check these out.


Two-handled FaucetsTwo Handle Faucets

I expect you’re probably thinking that these are too traditional, and there’s some truth in that. Two-handled faucets have been around for a long time, after all. But I’ve had customers who chose this type of faucet because they wanted the ability to control the water temperature from two separate handles.


There you have it: an overview of all the different kinds of faucets that you can find on this website. Hopefully I’ve succeeded in including a model that you’re interested in. Enjoy browsing!