Rozinsanitary Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Review

Rozinsanitary Pull Down Kitchen Faucet ReviewThe pull-down kitchen faucet by Rozinsantary will make a big impression on anybody who sees it. The visible spring design of the spout is visually striking in addition to being highly functional. This faucet also boasts many other great features.


The faucet is finished in brushed nickel, which has a warmer look than chrome and adds a classic quality to this ultra-modern fixture. Along with great style, this faucet also has some great functional features:

  • faucet fanaticsSwiveling spout. This faucet’s spout can swivel about 90 degrees in both directions, making it an ideal choice for either a double sink or a center mount on a single sink. This is definitely a useful feature.
  • Pull-down aerator. The aerator of the faucet is located at the spout’s end. You can pull the aerator down, extending the hose so that it reaches the entire sink area and even bowls and pots outside of the sink. Pull-down sprayers are superior to the pull-out variety in that the cause less splashing when the hose is extending or retracting.
  • The “wow” factor. The soft look of the brushed nickel finish compared to chrome makes this faucet suitable for kitchens that use a warm color palette. But the coiled spring design of the fixture gives it a futuristic feel, too.

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  • The faucet is constructed of brass, giving it the lowest possible lead content. The brass body and finish ensure that you’ll be getting the best water quality possible, and your faucet will be easy to keep clean and free of stains.
  • This faucet is very affordable, especially if you look at online retail sites like Amazon, where some really good deals are available.
  • The faucet can be installed using only one mount point, making it easy to surface-mount on any sink.

Be aware that this faucet is quite large. It will look great in a large kitchen, but it might be a bit overwhelming if you’ve got a smaller kitchen. You might need to think about other options if your space is limited around the kitchen sink area.


The brushed nickel Rozinsanitary kitchen faucet will make a big visual impact in your home kitchen. The finish adds warmth to an otherwise futuristic design, making it suitable for most modern kitchen decors. It costs less than 100 dollars, so it’s easy on the budget too. It contains minimal lead and is built to last.

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