Decor Star TPC11-TB Kitchen Faucet Review

Decor Star TPC11-TB Kitchen Faucet ReviewThe TPC11-TB Kitchen Faucet by Décor Star features a stunning contemporary design and a wide variety of features that make it a must-have for a modern kitchen.


The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re choosing a faucet for your kitchen is exactly what features you need in order to use your kitchen as safely and effectively as you can.

This Décor Star faucet offers both great functionality and an attractive design, so it’s sure to make a good impression.

Here are some of its best features:

  • Pull-down retractable hose – At 22 inches, this hose is easily long enough to reach inside your biggest pots, and you can even use it on the counter away from the sink if need be. The spout swivels 9o degrees in both directions, adding to this faucet’s versatility.
  • Dual spray control – When you’re using the spray wand to wash dishes or fill pans, the dual spray feature lets you choose the type of water flow that you want.
  • One-lever design – This feature allows you to turn your faucet off or on easily, even when your hands are dirty or greasy. This model’s single lever and spout also make it easy to adjust the temperature and the water flow rate.
  • Easy installation – This faucet uses just one hole for installation, making it an easy job. It comes with two hoses – one each for hot water and cold water.

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There are a lot of good reasons to choose this versatile model for your home kitchen. The retractable hose and swiveling spout help to make this faucet one of the top choices among homeowners.

Tall 16 inch design16-inch spout height

The TPC11-TB features a spout that is tall enough to allow even the biggest of your pots and pans to fit easily under it with plenty of clearance.

Counterweight retractable hose mechanismHose counterweight mechanism

This feature lets you easily retract the hose into its docking position. It retracts smoothly with no snapping back, so you won’t damage the faucet or injure yourself when you use it.

Swivel motion and the pull down hosePull-down spray and swiveling spout

With this much mobility, the faucet is flexible enough to accomplish any kitchen task. The moving parts also make this the perfect faucet to use in a double sink.

There’s only one drawback to this model: it’s not made using completely lead-free materials, though it is guaranteed to comply with low-lead standards. With this guarantee, you know that the water in your kitchen is of the best quality, and is safe to cook with and to drink.


The Décor Star TPC11-TB is an excellent choice for most modern kitchens. It’s got many great features and a contemporary brushed-nickel finish, it works extremely well, and it’s even easy to install.

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