GROHE 33 870 000 Bridgeford Dual Spray Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet Review

GROHE 33 870 000 Bridgeford Dual Spray Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet ReviewThe 33870 model, like Grohe’s other kitchen faucets, offers function and style that will please many potential customers. This pull-down faucet offers the features, performance and looks – not to mention Grohe quality and durability – that will suit almost anybody.


This model, also called the Bridgeford, comes loaded with the features that have made Grohe famous. Later we’ll get into those in detail, but first, let’s talk about the basic design.

Inside this faucet you’ll find Grohe’s own SilkMove ceramic disc cartridge. The two discs are precision-engineered to slide smoothly past each other when you switch from hot to cold. These sturdy, well-sealed cartridges mean that you won’t have to worry about the leaks that so often plague faucets after a couple of years of use. This faucet works like new for many years.

The superior design can also be seen in the dual flow-rate setting. You can set the faucet to a generous 2.2 gallons per minute flow rate with 45 PSI of pressure, or to the even higher 2.5 gallons per minute with 80 PSI setting. This higher setting means that you can quickly fill even the biggest of pots and clean even hardest to wash pans easily. Busy home chefs will love this feature!

The faucet’s exterior has plenty of good features too. The single handle’s position can be customized when you install the faucet. The spout can swivel through a complete 360 degrees, presuming that there’s no wall blocking the way of course.

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Spray Wand

Although the spray wand is easy to use and moves smoothly, there’s one aspect of it that I don’t really like much. You press a trigger to switch from stream to spray, but you must keep pressing it while you use the spray. If you let go of it, it reverts back to stream.

This is a matter of personal preference, and many people would be okay with this. Some even prefer not having to switch back to the default setting manually. I just find that my hand gets tired holding the trigger down.

I also personally prefer a pull-out spray wand to the pull-down type, but again that’s just a personal choice. Many customers like the pull-down style better, which is only reasonable. This spray wand has a lot going for it, particularly the fact that its size and weight are in the “Goldilocks zone” – not too small or too big, but just right.

You probably won’t have any problem with unsightly clogging that reduces the water flow. Grohe’s special anti-lime SpeedClean system minimizes the buildup of minerals on the spray face. One of the most common issues in plumbing is dealing with hard water that has high levels of calcium carbonate. Your spray face will keep looking clean and working like new without much maintenance. You simply have to wipe off the spray face from time to time to prevent buildup.

I’m also a big fan of how this spray wand is attached: the extractable hose is 56 inches long and made of braided steel. Many competitors are now using vinyl hoses now, which is not necessarily a problem. The vinyl currently being used is pretty durable. But braided steel is still more flexible and sturdier than vinyl, and just performs better overall. The only possible disadvantage is that the braided hoses are a little heavier than vinyl.


Grohe faucets are generally easy to install, and the 33870 is no exception. The single-hole installation design certainly simplifies matters, as there’s no need to line everything up precisely or measure distances. But the biggest factor is the balanced design and high quality parts used.

If you’re installing a top-heavy faucet you may need someone to hold it in place while you attach the retaining nuts underneath. If you’ve ever tried to install a faucet with kinked or short hoses in the under-sink portion, you know what a struggle it can be not to have everything blocking your access to the retainer.

You won’t have any of these problems with this model. Grohe’s own QuickFix Plus technology might sound like mere marketing, but it’s a good description in this case. This faucet has fewer parts and even a clumsy handyman like me was able to install it in less than 30 minutes.


As with any fixture, you have to keep the dimensions in mind. This faucet’s maximum height (the distance from the highest point of the neck to the countertop) is 14 1/8 inches. The spout is just 7 2/3 inches tall. But style is about more than just dimensions.

Style is very much about personal choice. It’s also about finding a faucet that you like the look of on its own, but that also fits in well with the rest of your kitchen décor. The design of this model is influenced by a Victorian aesthetic, and it’s a great choice for any kitchen that can accommodate that look.

Personally, I love this style, particularly when paired with the oil-rubbed bronze finish (33870 ZB0). The insides of the faucet are made from highly durable brass. You can also get this faucet in a chrome finish (33870 000) or in brushed nickel (33870 EN0) if you like the juxtaposition of a modern finish with a traditional design.

With the chrome finish, there are sub-layers of nickel and copper, providing support for the finish and making the chrome even shinier than you would expect. Grohe calls this finish Starlight. The manufacturer also promises that the finish can stand up to decades of cleaning, having tested it with 60,000 applications of an abrasive cleaning cloth. I’m in no position to verify that claim, but my experience with Grohe faucets confirms that they look like new for a very long time.


The Bridgeford 33870 by Grohe will not suit every buyer’s taste and needs. No faucet can do that. In terms of price, this is one of the higher-end faucets. But that extra cost gets you a really good quality faucet, and if you’re looking for something with a Victorian aesthetic, you should be very happy with this faucet

By the way, if you like this model but are concerned about water conservation, you should take a look at the Bridgeford 33870 E. It has a very similar style but has a flow rate of just 1.5 gallons per minute. It’s also available in the same finishes: oil-rubbed bronze (33870 ENE), brushed nickel (33870 ZBE) and chrome (33871 00E).

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