Pfister FWK1680S Kitchen Faucet Review

Looking for a Versatile Kitchen Faucet on a Tight Budget? I Have the Answer!

I’ve mentioned before on this website what my daily job is. You’re probably more interested in reading about the faucets that I review than in hearing about my job, so you may have skipped those parts!

But sometimes it’s good to keep in mind that I sell everything that you would ever buy to outfit a kitchen. In this review, I talk about one of my very loyal customers and an experience that we had. He rents properties for a living, and is in fact the owner of an apartment building. You probably understand how much hard work is involved for a landlord who wants to go beyond meeting the standards required by law and keep his tenants happy.

Pfister FWK1680S Classic w/Side Spray
Pfister FWK1680S Classic w/Side Spray @Amazon

That’s why I pointed my customer towards the FWK1680S by Pfister. This is a single-handle high-arc faucet with side spray, requiring 3 holes for installation. My main reason for including this faucet on this website is that it’s very affordable, mostly because it doesn’t have a lot of fancy features. Still, for the price it has quite a lot to offer, as you’ll see if you keep reading.

No Fuss Design

Finished in your choice of polished chrome or stainless steel, this faucet’s high arc gives it a good reach and allows you to fit big pots under it for filling. After installation, it will have the spray wand on one side and the handle on the other side.

The great thing about this design is that there aren’t a lot of places for dirt to hide. It has a smooth clean shape without any fussy details, and it somehow looks like you paid more for it than you actually did. On the other hand, it’s might feel a bit flimsy, but given the price relative to other faucets, that’s not really unexpected.

Other Features

You can swivel the spout a complete 360 degrees, which gives you plenty of flexibility at your sink. The single handle allows you to control both the temperature and the flow.

My customer was pleasantly surprised by how many features the side spray had to offer. The flow functions in three modes: spray, stream and pause. These modes can be set easily by pressing the buttons located right on the spray wand.

Probably the biggest problem a faucet can have is leaking, and Pfister has addressed this issue. This faucet uses their patented Pforever seal, an advanced technology that makes use of ceramic disks. The manufacturer stands behind this design with a guarantee that the faucet will never leak.

My customer was very happy to learn that Pfister also designed this faucet to be easy to install. It uses a process called Pfast technology, wherein the supply lines are connected with just a click.


In my opinion, this is a great model for anyone that needs to buy a large number of faucets and wants to watch their budget. It also works well for anyone who doesn’t want to pay too much and is happy with just a simple faucet with a couple of extra features.

To find out more, have a look on Amazon. Whenever I check there, I can find really great deals on this model. In case you were wondering, my customer ended up buying quite a few of these faucets. He’s very happy with them, and so are his tenants!

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