Reviews of the Best Delta Faucet models

delta_faucetsFor most of us, when we think of kitchen faucets we’re probably thinking about Delta. This brand has one of the highest saturation levels on the market in the faucet industry, and it’s no mystery why: the kitchen faucets they build really work.

Delta faucets are affordable but if you install one it will look as if you spent a lot of money on your kitchen renovation. This is one of the main reasons that Delta faucets are so deservedly popular.

There are a wide variety of faucet models available from Delta, so what is the best way to find the right one for your kitchen? This chart can help you see all of your options at a glance, so you can start narrowing your choices down and quickly make a good decision.

How Do Delta Faucets Stand Out?

The designers at Delta understand how hardworking your kitchen is every day. Whether you’re scrubbing vegetables, filling cooking pots, or washing everything up afterwards, the kitchen sink is one of the busiest places in your home. A faucet from Delta makes it simple for you to get everything done as easily and efficiently as possible. The Touch20 technology that lets you turn on the faucet even with dirty hands is a good example of how Delta can make life easier in the kitchen.

With Delta, you also have your choice of a wide variety of beautiful finishes so you can coordinate your faucet perfectly with whatever color scheme your kitchen uses. In addition to all of these finish options, Delta also has a wide range of different designs, making it easy to find exactly what you want without paying extra for custom designs. Every faucet is built to make your sink tasks as convenient as possible, but looks and style are never compromised.

This company wants to redefine how we interact with water in our kitchens. They go beyond function and form to anticipate people’s needs through innovation and smarter technology. This is why they choose to diamond seal their valves rather than using the traditional ceramic valve technology, resulting in a longer lasting product. A kitchen faucet from Delta is good for 5 million uses without breaking down.

That is what sets this brand apart from its competitors.

Why Choose a Faucet from Delta?

This brand’s versatility is its greatest selling point. When you’re looking for an affordable faucet for your kitchen that will work well for a long time and look great while doing so, Delta is sure to have a faucet for you. If you’ve got a mid-range budget and are looking for an upgrade that offers good value for money, this company can help you too. Delta also offers top-of-the-line faucets that bring cutting edge technologies and high performance into your kitchen at a competitive price.

As one of the top innovators in the industry in America, Delta always aims to use designs that inspire, giving people smarter solutions when it comes to water conservation, energy savings, and a quality of experience beyond what is offered by competing brands. From using apps that integrate your faucet with other devices that help you prepare amazing meals, to improving the way we clean our faucets, Delta offers great products and the support you need to use them to their full advantage.

You also reap the benefits of Delta’s investments in research when you choose to purchase one of their faucets for your kitchen. Each faucet’s design is intended to address a specific requirement in the kitchen, and all of these design features are discussed in detail in our reviews. Reading comprehensive reviews is truly the best way to understand each product, allowing you to compare the pros and cons of each model.

Choosing the Best Delta Faucet for Your Kitchen

Many people’s first thought when upgrading a kitchen faucet is to choose the right finish. Stainless steel and polished chrome finishes are available from almost all faucet manufacturers, but these finishes may not be the best choices for you. Other options like matte black or white, copper, or oil-rubbed bronze may work better for you. Deciding what finish will work best with your décor is a good way to start narrowing down you options. Delta offers a wide range of different finishes for most faucets.

It’s also important to think about the design type when you’re making your selection. You may be looking for a pull-out or pull-down spray feature, but your choices shouldn’t end there. Does the spray feature use a nylon hose or braided stainless steel? Is there a possibility of the hose getting caught up with the plumbing under your sink? Will you need extensions to connect the faucet to your water supply lines?

Last but not least, don’t forget to take the installation type and size of the faucet into consideration. When you’re adding a new faucet to an existing sink, you may need to either use or cover three installation holes, or even four. If you are installing an undermount sink, you may need to drill customized holes in the countertop to fit the new faucet. You need to take the height and length of the faucet into account to make sure your sink area provides enough clearance.

How Much do Delta’s Kitchen Faucets Cost?

One of the biggest benefits of Delta is that they offer models for a broad range of budgets. At the entry level, you can get a Delta faucet for less than $75, which is a great option if you need to do an emergency upgrade or prepare a house for sale and you don’t have much money to work with. Delta also offers high end faucets that cost more than $300 for people who want to upgrade the appearance of their kitchen without breaking the bank.

The most popular Delta faucets are priced somewhere in the middle at around $200. For this price you can get more than just the basic options available with the low-end faucets without paying for the top-of-the-line features that may not be important to you. This price point still offers a wide range of finishes and styles, so it’s easy to see why this is the most popular bracket when it comes to sales.

Our Delta Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Delta Addison Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen FaucetDelta Addison Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

At 7 pounds, this faucet is suitable for installation in almost any sink. Your purchase also comes with a lifetime limited warranty on materials and workmanship, giving you the peace of mind that comes from having your investment protected.

The primary aerated stream flow option uses a flow rate of just 1 ½ gallons per minute, which can save you as much as 30 percent of your water consumption compared to the usual industry standards. You also have the option of increasing the flow to 2 gallons per minute, allowing you to speed up specific tasks such as filling pots.>>Check out Amazon for more discounts<<

Delta Fuse, Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen FaucetDelta Fuse Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The flow rate of this faucet is 1.8 gallons per minute, but the pressure is strong enough that the 20 percent flow reduction isn’t noticeable. This is a really amazing faucet – there’s no other way to describe it – and much better than the minimalist designs you sometimes find with overly tiny handles.

The standard sized lever moves smoothly and gives you precise control of flow and temperature with just the lightest push. As its name suggests, the Delta Fuse perfectly blends classic functionality with attractive modern design. This model will upgrade your kitchen’s look and meet all of the functional requirements of a primary kitchen faucet.>>Check out Amazon for more discounts<<

Delta Cassidy, Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen FaucetDelta Cassidy Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The diamond seal technology in the valves of this faucet is its greatest selling point. This technology allows the faucet to achieve valve strength that exceeds the industry standard by a factor of ten! The only drawback is that this model doesn’t do well if your water is hard.

If you have hard water and still choose to invest in this faucet, you will have to clean it regularly to keep the seals intact. Apart from the hard water issue, this model consistently delivers and offers great value for the money you pay.>>Check out Amazon for more discounts<<

Delta Windemere Two Handle Kitchen FaucetDelta Windemere Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

Are you looking for a kitchen faucet that gives you a spray option? The Delta Windemere offers the best options at a price that won’t break your budget. The spout of this faucet has a classic high arc gooseneck shape, and this model is available in your choice of three different finishes so you can choose the one that perfectly coordinates with your kitchen décor. It also features good ergonomic design principles.

This model makes your cleaning-up tasks simple, and for the price you pay you get a fixture that’s quite durable. As a plus, the side dispenser is also available in all of the finishes that are offered for the faucet.>>Check out Amazon for more discounts<<

Delta Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen FaucetDelta Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The solid metal construction of this faucet, the tall gooseneck spout, and the manageable weight of 7.7 pounds combine to make this a practical and high-quality choice for your kitchen.

The spout is 14 7/8 inches tall, giving you the clearance you need to work efficiently at the sink. The handle rotates backward through just one inch, so you won’t need to worry about having enough space.

The style of this faucet owes a lot to the traditional teapot design, which has been around for many years. This faucet combines the best of functionality and classic style, which is why we are so happy to recommend the Leland to you.>>Check out Amazon for more discounts<<

Every home and kitchen is unique, and Delta makes a faucet for each of these settings. Take advantage of the range of styles they offer by upgrading to a Delta faucet today!