Review: Pfister Marielle Bar Prep Kitchen Faucet

Do you want a simple, classic faucet for your kitchen without lots of bells and whistles? Are you looking for a model that’s flexible enough to use in more than one way? The Marielle by Pfister is a Tuscan-inspired faucet available in either a stainless steel or a bronze finish, both of which have a lifetime guarantee. The faucet includes a mounting ring for a single-post installation, as well as a deckplate in case you need three holes for installation. The manufacturer’s suggested price listing is $286 for this beautiful model, but if you buy it from an online site such as Amazon you can pay as much as 43 percent less.


This faucet’s most noteworthy feature is its ability to swivel in a complete 360 degree circle. Because of its all-in-one design, this means that the whole faucet turns as a unit, even the lever. If you’re used to a spout that swivels separately from the surrounding faucet, this feature may throw you off a bit, but once you get used to it you’ll find that it adds a lot of functionality to the faucet. This is especially true if you have a kitchen island with a sink, but it’s also good for two-basin sinks.

Here are some more features for you to consider:

  • This faucet’s lamppost design results in extra reach and clearance, making kitchen sink tasks faster and more efficient than before.
  • It weighs 6.1 pounds, making it suitable for installation practically anywhere
  • The faucet is constructed of solid brass and is 9 ½ inches tall from its base at the counter

This model has a flow rate of 1.5 GPM if you keep the aerator installed. This will allow you to save as much as 30 percent of the water you normally use at the kitchen sink. You may wish to take off the aerator, but be aware that if you do so your warranty will be void, which is of course not a good idea. If your water pressure is high and you don’t have a regulator, this faucet may not be the best choice for you.


This faucet’s biggest advantage is the way it gives your kitchen décor an instant upgrade without breaking your budget. The reach is a little less than 6 inches, so it’s not ideal if you have a big sink, but it’s a really practical option for a small primary sink or a prep sink. It’s easy to keep it clean, the handle moves easily even when your hands are wet, and the faucet is not big and showy enough to overwhelm the space.

If what you need is a big faucet for your primary sink, you may want to look elsewhere. Apart from that, this faucet really doesn’t have any problems or disadvantages. It features a strong design and is constructed from metal. The price is only about half as much as comparable faucets made by other companies. It offers enough flexibility to work with a variety of installation styles. When you take into account the ceramic disc valve (which outlasts the industry standard by a factor of 8) and the lifetime warranty, you can easily see that this model is worth the price you pay.

Although it isn’t the right faucet for every circumstance, the Pfister Marielle may be the perfect faucet for you. Do the measurements and see if this will work in your space, because if it does, you will never regret choosing this faucet.

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