A Guide to the Best Shower Faucets for 2023 – Reviews

The technology used in faucets these days has become so advanced that it’s getting difficult to choose one. When you go to a shop, you’ll be met by an overwhelming number of different options. What’s worse, some of the lowest quality faucets look just as shiny and attractive as the high-end ones that are built to last and meet industry standards and specifications. And then there are the different styles. If you like the rainfall effect, or if you have someone (such as an elderly person) in your home that has special requirements, you have even more choices to make. Choosing the style of your new shower faucet is relatively easy. When you’re trying to decide which model is best based on finishes, materials, durability and cost of maintenance, that’s when reading some reviews can really help. We’ve chosen three of the top shower faucets that are currently on the market to discuss here:

Delta Faucet 75700 Universal Showering Components 7-Setting Handshower

Delta Faucet 75700 Universal Showering Components 7-Setting HandshowerYou’re probably familiar with Delta, as they are one of the best known faucet manufacturers. Over the years, Delta has kept up with changing times by continuing to offer innovative products. These days everyone is looking for versatility, and this shower faucet with its seven settings does not disappoint. The 7 spray options include an anti-clog setting and a massage feature, and it will be suitable no matter what your needs are. The purchase includes a shower arm mount and a six-foot long flexible hose. With its chrome finish, this model has a contemporary look. Best of all, with this model you won’t have to spend a lot on repairs. Users on Amazon rated this kitchen faucet 4.4/5 overall with 1760 reviews.

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American Standard 1495512.002 Reliant+ Anti-Scald Bath

American Standard 1495512.002 Reliant+ Anti-Scald BathAll of us look for flexibility and convenience, and this model addresses both of those needs as well as looking good. You won’t have to worry about drips with this faucet, and adjusting the water is simple and convenient, making your shower time more enjoyable than ever. It’s finished in long-lasting polished chrome and features a sleek, stylish lever handle. One of this faucet’s best features is a safety stop that sets a maximum temperature to avoid scalding. This shower faucet from American Standard works well, is straightforward to install, and is reasonably priced too.

Users on Amazon rated this kitchen faucet 4.3/5 overall with 49 reviews.

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Ouku Single Handle Wall Mount Shower Faucet

Ouku Single Handle Wall Mount Shower FaucetThe technology behind this shower faucet gives you an idea of where the industry is headed next. Along with the faucet itself, the unit also includes a rain showerhead and a hand shower. All of it is topped with an attractive chrome finish. The spout and faucet body are made of brass, while the handle of the faucet is made from zinc alloy. The showerhead itself is made from Grade A ABS plastic. A hot/cold switch makes adjusting the water temperature to suit your preference effortless. You’re sure to fall in love with the style, function and feel of this model, and you’ll love the reasonable price too!

Users on Amazon rated this kitchen faucet 3.5/5 overall with 24 reviews.

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Whenever you find yourself getting overwhelmed by your choices, reviews can help you make up your mind. When you read about each product and its strengths and weaknesses, you’ll soon start to feel more confident about your own decisions. You just need to get a feel for what your priorities and preferences are, and then find specific models that offer what you’re looking for. You’ll also get a sense of the difference between a good quality faucet and an imposter, especially regarding the cost of repairs, materials used and finishes.