Kraus Kitchen Faucets Reviews

No kitchen is complete unless it has a fully functioning faucet. This fixture plays an important role in both the practicality and the style of your kitchen. Choosing the best faucet can be harder than you might think. You need to take several factors into account, including what the faucet is made of. Today many faucets are plastic, which makes them less durable in the long run. You’re much better off choosing one made only of stainless steel or brass.

Kraus faucets are among the best that are currently available. This company’s reputation is built on combining style and elegance with durability and high quality. To find out more about Kraus faucets, take a look at these reviews of our top three picks from this company:

KPF-1602-KSD-30SS Faucet

Kraus KPF-1602-KSD-30SS Kitchen FaucetThis is another pull-down, single handle faucet. It is finished in stainless steel and features a matching soap dispenser. Again, the entire body of the faucet is manufactured from solid brass, which should give you a hint that this is a quality product that will be long-lasting. This faucet’s finish resists rust and corrosion, too. Kraus is known for its faucets that never drip because of the patented Kerox Drip-Free ceramic cartridges used in construction. With this faucet, you won’t waste water due to dripping. Another good feature of this faucet is the convenient 360-degree swivel of the spout, which also features the convenience of an integrated diverter. Users on Amazon rated this kitchen faucet 4.5/5 overall with 63 reviews.

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KPF-2170 Pull Out Single Lever Faucet

Kraus KPF-2170 Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen FaucetIn this model, the faucet is manufactured using solid 100 percent stainless steel. If you have a double sink, you’ll be happy to hear that the spout on this model can swivel 180 degrees. Cold and hot waterlines and all of the mounting hardware are included with your purchase. The drip-free cartridge made from sedal ceramic means that you won’t be wasting water through drips and leaks. The 16.93-inch spout offers 8.46 inches of clearance at the aerator. The hose can reach a full two feet, and the faucet spans 9.84 inches. Users on Amazon rated this kitchen faucet 4.8/5 overall with 27 reviews.

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KPF-2300 Pull-down Single Lever Faucet

Kraus KPF-2300 Single Lever Pull-down Kitchen FaucetThis pull-down model is high quality, using only solid brass in its construction. This makes it much more durable that most faucets, particularly those that use plastic. This model resists corrosion and discoloration, so it will keep looking great for many years too. The ceramic cartridge means that the faucet will be drip-free. This feature means that you’ll be wasting less water compared to other faucets. Water flow and temperature are controlled with a single lever, and the water pressure passes the standards of the industry. Users on Amazon rated this kitchen faucet 4.2/5 overall with 17 reviews.

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It’s important to make sure that your faucet is properly installed. Read reviews before you buy to make sure that installation is as straightforward as the product claims. Reviews are always the best way to refine your search as well as to make the best possible decision when you’re choosing a faucet.