Step up to The Bar: Bar Sinks

Step up to The Bar Bar SinksBar sinks have traditionally been featured in wet bars, and they continue to be used this way. A wet bar may be found in media rooms, family rooms, master bedrooms, living rooms or even outdoor patios. The sinks aren’t only for cleaning up – you can also use them as ice buckets for champagne, soda or beer. Traditional wet bars have evolved into beverage centers which may hold bottled water, soft drinks, beer and wine in under-counter fridges or drawers, and they often contain a microwave, snacks and a bar sink.

The Prep Sink

These days bar sinks are also being repurposed as prep sinks in the kitchen. Indeed, for new kitchen designs they are almost expected now. You can use them to wash fresh produce as well as for cleaning and cooking. Don’t forget to install a garbage disposal unit. Beverage centers in kitchens usually include a bar sink to make coffee and mix powdered drinks. Kitchen coffee bars are growing in popularity, consisting of a built-in espresso/cappuccino maker, a cabinet for creamers, beans and other supplies, and of course a bar sink.

You might be more surprised to find a bar sink in a master bedroom. However, they are becoming common in the master bedrooms of luxury houses and even in some more ordinary homes. Morning bars are much like beverage centers except that they have a coffee maker. Imagine the comfort of having your morning coffee before you even leave your bedroom! Morning bars are also great for midnight snacks, tea, warm milk, or 2 AM feedings if you have a baby. In recent times, bar sinks have also found their way into patio and deck bars and outdoor kitchens.


Stainless steel is the finish traditionally associated with bar sinks, and it continues to be popular. However, today’s prep/bar sinks may also be finished in other materials, including hammered and brushed stainless steel, granite, copper, cast iron, pewter, bronze, nickel or brass. Many people favor copper because it is resistant to the growth of bacteria. Copper and bronze also improve with age. Good quality stainless steel continues to be the most popular option outdoors.

Some manufacturers are also offering a broader range of colors. Kohler’s Cordial Cast Iron Entertainment Sink comes in cobalt, cashmere, Mexican sand and basalt, to name just a few.

Shapes and Styles

Bar sinks are now being made in a wide variety of shapes and styles – round, square, octagonal, rectangular, wedge, oval, and now even trough or curved shapes. There is also a free-form shape from Elkay: the Mystic 23-inch Stainless Steel Bar Sink. You can also get apron front and double bar sinks. One sink from Whitehouse is smaller than the full 20-inch apron front Fireclay model, and can be used as a matching prep sink. If you have a kitchen island, consider adding a vessel bar sink to it.

You can also find decorative sinks made of copper and embellished with designs like raised grapes. These sinks work well in traditional or Old World kitchen styles. Rustic bronze and copper sinks work better with country kitchen styles. Cast iron sinks come in stylish colors and can be used in practically any type of kitchen. Chrome, nickel and stainless steel sinks have a sleek look that suits contemporary designs perfectly. Your bar sink should match the finish of your main sink. At least, the two finishes should be similar, like bronze and copper.


Of course your bar sink will need a faucet. These are generally a bit smaller than a main kitchen faucet. Typically a bar faucet will use a tall gooseneck shape and may be either one or two handled. One-handle faucets are a bit easier to operate and are thus more popular. Bar faucets today come in beautiful finishes and styles. If you’re using the faucet in your kitchen, the design should coordinate with your main faucet for a uniform style.

The has all the latest finishes and styles, as well as the most trusted brands. You can choose your bar sink and a faucet to go with it online, so you don’t even have to leave home!