Single VS. Two Handle

Single VS. Two Handle

Usually it’s not that difficult to choose a faucet, but occasionally if you choose badly it can come back to haunt you. Among other factors, you have to take the size and shape of your sink into account. If your sink is fairly small, for example, you really won’t have the space for a big two-handled faucet. Some shoppers get carried away by styles that they like, but it’s important to strike a balance between fashion and function.

When Should You Choose a Two-Handled Faucet?

In the words of one customer, “I really have no reason to buy a two-handled faucet. The climate where I live is hot, and it’s unlikely that I’ll ever use the hot water for most of the year. If I don’t need it, there’s no point in buying it.” So even the climate where you live can be a factor in which faucet you choose!

Two-handled faucets allow you to use both cold and hot water. If you live somewhere that has big seasonal changes in temperature and want to be able to do this, then you should consider buying a two-handled model. Just be sure that your sink is big enough for the faucet fixture to fit. You want to be able to reach your faucet handles!

Style is something else that two-handled designs have to offer. There’s no denying that they look good, especially if you include a side spray too. And if you purchase a two-handled faucet in bronze, you’ll be adding some old-world style to your kitchen decor.

When Should You Choose a One-Handled Faucet?

If you have a small sink, a one-handled faucet is obviously a better choice. The biggest advantage of these models is that they allow you to make the most of a limited amount of space. Most one-handled faucets use a long handle, though you can also find some that have a shorter handle and a taller spout. One-handled faucets have a reputation for being very durable, making them a hit with consumers.

Try to get advice and recommendations before you buy a new faucet. It’s a good idea to start with your friends and neighbors. If you don’t trust your own sense of style, try to recruit a friend who is familiar with your kitchen décor to help you decide.