Review: Peerless P299575LF-OB Apex Kitchen Faucet

Does your current faucet use four points for installation? Would you like a faucet that helps you use less water without compromising on effectiveness so that you can tackle your kitchen sink tasks quickly and efficiently? If so, you should definitely take a look at the Apex faucet by Peerless. This faucet offers a side sprayer to help with tasks that could use a bit more water pressure, separate hot and cold controls and a high gooseneck shape for extra clearance inside your sink. The manufacturer’s retail price suggestion is $149.70, and if you order it from Amazon or a similar online retailer you may save as much as 37 percent on the price.


This faucet’s star feature is its aerator. Although the faucet will give you a good amount of water pressure, you will find yourself using 20 percent less water after you install this model. With a flow rate of 1.8 GPM, this faucet complies fully with the latest mandated low levels of lead in its production.

Here are some more features for you to consider:

  • In spite of being a lightweight fixture at only 3.3 pounds, this faucet is heavy-duty and performs well in daily tasks
  • The spout is 11 ½ inches tall, allowing enough clearance to easily fit large pots and pans in your sink
  • The span of the spout is 8 ¼ inches, making it big enough to provide coverage for a dual-basin or extra-wide sink

The finish comes with a lifetime limited warranty, which also covers the parts and craftsmanship of the faucet. This brass-constructed fixture has everything you’re looking for in a kitchen faucet.


With the Apex faucet, the main advantage that you’ll see is just how high quality the finish is. If you have problems with hard water, you’re familiar with how easily mineral deposits can cause spotting that requires constant cleaning. The finish itself is easy to clean, and the design of the faucet prevents water from coming in contact with the finish so that there will be less spotting to worry about. Installation is easy, so updating your kitchen’s style will be a snap. What’s more, this faucet is sturdy enough to stand up to a lot of day-to-day use.

There aren’t a lot of negatives with this model. If you’re not that comfortable with installation, the fact that this faucet requires four installation points may mean that you prefer having a plumber install it for you. The spray wand’s hose may sometimes get caught on the pipes under the sink, but this is also true with most pull-out faucets.

When you want a high quality faucet for your kitchen that won’t make you go over your budget, you can’t go wrong with the Peerless Apex. We recommend it very highly to our readers.

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