Review: Kraus KPF-2160 Kitchen Faucet

Are you looking for a great quality kitchen faucet that’s priced right for your limited budget? If you don’t think that you can fit a faucet with 100 percent stainless steel construction into your budget, this faucet by Kraus will be a nice surprise! In addition to its ceramic drip free cartridge, this model also includes all of the hardware you need for mounting. It’s also plated to prevent the discoloration and corrosion that can so often mar the appearance and function of kitchen faucets. The manufacturer lists this model at $385, but if you buy it online at a site like Amazon you may save as much as 58 percent.


Durability is the biggest advantage that you’ll get with this faucet. At a little less than 4 pounds, it weighs just half as much as other solid stainless steel faucets due to its slim shape. The gooseneck spout stands 14 inches tall and has 7 ½ inches of reach. This model will work with most kitchen sinks, is easy to install due to its light weight, and is hermetically sealed for even more enhanced performance.

Here are some more features for you to consider:

  • The spout will swivel a complete 180 degrees, making it a practical choice for a double basin sink.
  • The smoothly operating mechanism feels solid and durable when you use it
  • The faucet comes with a lifetime limited warranty, making it a secure investment for the future

This model is a great choice for those who are not concerned about having a pull-out spray feature. If an integrated spray wand is something you’re looking for, Kraus offers several other kitchen faucets that will suit you better.


The best reason to choose this faucet is that it is a high quality fixture with a well thought out design. As with most Kraus faucets, the manufacture itself was outsourced, making it a more affordable end product without compromising on the quality of the design. This is a faucet that will continue to look good and function well for years to come, adding a touch of contemporary style to almost any kitchen.

This model will also impress you with its flexibility. You have the choice of installing the lever on either the right side or the left, according to your preference. If you want to attach an adapter for a water filter, you can easily unscrew the faucet’s end piece in order to do so.

The only potential drawback to this faucet is its aerator. There’s a possibility that this modern model won’t work well with the existing plumbing in old houses because the water pressure is higher. Removing the aerator can be difficult to do without causing damage to the faucet, so be careful when choosing your model if you think this might be an issue for you.

On the whole, this model offers a high quality product that won’t break your budget. If you want a modern looking faucet but don’t want to pay for a spray feature you’ll never use, this is a good choice. We recommend it very highly.

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