Review: Delta Faucet 9158-SW-DST Kitchen Faucet

Do you want your kitchen faucet to have a modern aesthetic? Are you looking for something that complies with ADA guidelines, is low in lead, and gives you a strong enough flow rate to get you through all of your sink tasks quickly and efficiently? Delta Fuse, as its name suggests, perfectly combines modern style with traditional functionality. With this faucet you can upgrade your kitchen’s look with a fixture that is designed specifically to meet all of your needs. The best part is the price: a budget-friendly $264 if you shop on Amazon.


One star feature of this model is that it comes equipped with Delta’s signature Touch-Clean technology. Over time, scale caused by hard water can build up on your faucet, but the design of this faucet will prevent this from becoming an issue. With just a simple push of your finger, you can clear the blocked nubbins of mineral build up and clean your spray face. Even if the tap water at your house is not overly hard, this faucet will make a great addition to your kitchen.

Here are some more features for you to consider:

  • This faucet has strong water pressure even with its 1.8 gallon per minute flow rate, so you get a 20 percent saving in water usage without affecting performance
  • This model’s MagnaTite technology keeps the spray wand firmly docked when not in use
  • The toggle to change the flow is found right on the spray wand, and it’s easy to use even with wet or soapy hands

This faucet’s single handle is everything you could want it to be. Rather than being a little tiny lever, it’s the same size as most overhead levers and is easy to move, giving you perfect control over the temperature and flow with just the lightest touch of your fingertip.

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With this model, the biggest advantage you get is the fact that the valves are coated using diamond seal technology. A lot of faucets are designed with ceramic disc valves, which are as much as 8 times as strong as the industry standard. The diamond seal process that Delta uses is even stronger, giving you 10 times more than the industry standard at a similar price. For you, this means that you will be installing a faucet that’s been tested rigorously to make sure it will last you for years or even decades, as opposed to just a few months or years.

If you have any complaints about this model, it will probably be while you are installing it. The placement of the faucet’s water lines is a bit unusual, making it a little too easy to get the supply lines connected backwards. Apart from that, this Delta faucet lives up to its promises, providing a kind of style and elegance that’s hard to beat. It is a good investment that will upgrade the look and the function of your kitchen for many years to come. With this in mind, we give the 9158-SW-DST by Delta one of our highest recommendations.

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