Moen S664 Pot Filler Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

Moen S664 Pot Filler Two HandleWhen I first looked at the S664 pot filler by Moen, I had my doubts about it. It just sounded too perfect to be believable. After a while I realized that my skepticism was a bit misplaced – this model isn’t perfect, and it’s probably not the one I would choose, but it does have some very good qualities to recommend it.

Overall Design

At first sight, this is an attractive design, as are many other pot fillers out there. A pleasant exterior is backed up by some great features on the inside too. But first of all, the dimensions: The spout has a reach of 24 3/8 inches, which should be long enough to reach across the vast majority of stoves, even if you install it off to one side.

s664 dimensions

Because this model is wall mounted, it should be pretty easy to place it as close as needed to where you’ll be using it. The fixture has two handles, so there’s no danger of burning yourself as you try to turn on the faucet over a hot burner on your stovetop.

If you have ever added water to the top of a huge simmering kettle of soup, you’ll understand what you’re looking for in a pot filler. To use it, you open the handle nearest the end and then pull it into position. Once you’re ready, you can open the handle that’s further in to start the flow of water.

To be honest, I would have preferred it if the handles worked in a quarter-turn fashion, like the ones on the A1452 by Rohl. I admit that this is purely an individual preference. The advantage to the half-turn design is that it gives you more control over the rate of flow, and some people might prefer that. The advantage of a quarter-turn design is that you can quickly get to maximum flow, which is my preference.

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Flow Rate

This pot filler really shines when it comes to flow rate: it delivers 5.5 gallons per minute (at 60 PSI), which may not be the absolute highest available, but it’s at the higher end of the scale.

In my opinion, this kind of flow rate is the real reason to get a pot filler in the first place. When you’re cooking for a big family or lots of guests, particularly if you do this on a regular basis, you can imagine how much easier it is to be able to fill your pots quickly, especially if you love to make soups and stews in big, heavy pots. A slow flow rate in this case can triple the amount of time it takes just to fill three pots.

When you’re cooking a big dinner, you know that every minute counts. And frankly, I’m just one of those type-A personalities that can’t stand just waiting while a pot slowly fills. Apart from a system that uses automatic sensors to fill your pots for you (which sadly doesn’t exist), this pot filler is the next best thing.

Even some really good competitors like the Rohl don’t offer a flow rate that’s anywhere near this model’s. They may be stylish and well-made, but often they only provide around 2.5 GPM. The Rohl model only offers 1.5 GPM, which gives you an idea of how good the flow rate of the S664 really is.


The one thing I’m least pleased about with the Moen S664 is the tiny selection of finishes on offer. This may even be a deal-breaker for you, as it almost was for me.

Because I remodel lots of kitchens for my clients, each of whom has a slightly different taste to accommodate, a large selection of finishes is something that really makes my job easier. In this case, sadly, the manufacturer offers only a very narrow selection to choose from. At the same time, the finishes on offer are attractive and high quality.

s664 chromeMoen S664-Chrome: Chrome may be one of the most traditional finishes, but it’s not one of my favorites. I can only think of how much time you’d have to spend polishing it to keep it looking shiny. There are many other kitchen tasks I’d rather spend extra time on, and I’m sure you can relate. Admittedly, chrome is versatile in terms of fitting in with lots of different décor themes.

It’s good to see such a high-quality take on the classic chrome finish. If you look after it well, this model will look like new for many years to come, even if it gets a lot of daily use.

I feel like I should mention pricing here. I sometimes question the value of getting too specific about prices in a review, because they can change over time and even according to your location. So take this with a grain of salt.

With most faucets, the chrome finish is less expensive than many others, and that holds true for this model. Several of the most popular sites list the chrome S664 at approximately 200 dollars cheaper than Oil Rubbed Bronze. So if chrome looks good with your kitchen décor, it’s a good choice economically speaking.

s664 srsS664SRS – Spot Resist Stainless Steel: This is another fairly neutral-looking finish that is a good choice if you’re looking for something low-maintenance. As with chrome, I personally don’t love the look of it, preferring the luxury of bronze or the dazzle of brass. (If you want to see what I’m talking about, check out the Rohl A1451 in Inca Brass as an example.)

Still, this finish will work well for many people. Whatever your kitchen décor is like, stainless steel will probably fit into it quite well. Whatever color theme your appliances use, the neutrality of stainless steel can work. And of course, if you have a compact oven or microwave with a stainless steel finish, this faucet finish will coordinate perfectly.

As its name suggests, this finish is resistant to water spotting, and it also does a good job of hiding fingerprints. If you’re ever a bit clumsy in the kitchen (and who isn’t sometimes?) then you know how easy it is to get oil or chicken fat on your pot filler in a hectic moment.

This finish is practical as well as stylish, because you will be able to maintain its appearance almost effortlessly. If you love cooking but hate cleaning, this could be the finish that you’re looking for.

s664 orbS664ORB – Oil Rubbed Bronze: As you’ve probably already guessed, this is my favorite finish, as it ties in with my love of Victorian design. To me, there’s something so timeless and elegant about that period. I know that not everyone agrees with me, and that’s okay. But if you’re anything like me, you will love this finish.

It has a luxurious look that suits the subtle contouring of this model’s spigots. It can be hard to get a sense of this in a photo. In person this finish looks more upscale and has more dimension than the rather flat-looking photo would suggest.


Moen has definitely earned its high reputation for manufacturing quality products. You will notice right away how sturdy and well-made the S664 feels when you handle it. It is solid and moves without any slack or wobbling.

It’s inevitable that the occasional dud will get through, but Moen is willing to back up its products with a lifetime limited warranty. As with many such warranties, this one won’t cover damage caused by faulty installation or misuse, or even surface damage. But it does guarantee against any internal problems that might cause leaking.

This model features a well-made 1224 cartridge that works smoothly and lasts a long time. If there is a problem, you can get a replacement part at no charge. Moen’s customer service is courteous, efficient and professional in dealing with these problems.


This pot filler isn’t the most elaborate one available, and it’s only available in a small number of finishes (stainless steel, chrome, and oil rubbed bronze). Its best feature is its high rate of flow. If you like the finishes and style of this model, you won’t be disappointed in its overall ease of use and high quality.

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