Moen Haysfield Kitchen Faucet

Moen Haysfield Kitchen Faucet

Rating: 5 stars

The Haysfield Single-Handle Pull-down High Arc Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet by Moen combines great style and great features, including a soap dispenser, Reflex spout system, and Spot Resist finish.

  • Performance/ Easy to Use: 5 stars (out of 5)
  • Storage/Convenience: 5 stars
  • Design/Look: 5 stars
  • Enjoyment Factor: 5 stars
  • Overall rating: 5 stars out of 5

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This stylish Moen kitchen faucet features some of Moen’s latest technological innovations, such as quick-connect installing. This company is always introducing new improvements, including fingerprint and spot-resistant finishes and a spray head that pulls out smoothly and docks securely in place when you’re not using it.

This faucet features two different modes: a regular stream as well as a spray mode that you can use when the spray wand is pulled out. The Reflex technology in this model allows the hose to pull out smoothly and retract easily because of a counterweight that is located out of the way under your sink.

The Haysfield faucet is a classic one-handled design with a pull-down spray wand, making it a practical asset in any kitchen. The cartridges used in this faucet ensure that you’ll have a drip-free faucet for a long time. This faucet uses one hole for installation, but if you already have three holes you can use a cover (included) to hide the unneeded holes.

You can install the soap dispenser in an additional hole or in one of the pre-existing holes if you’ve already got three. The cover allows you the flexibility to convert your three holes to either a two-hole configuration (including soap dispenser) or one-hole (faucet only.)

I wasn’t able to find this model without a soap dispenser, although there is a more upscale version that uses motion sensing technology. This Motion Sense feature allows you to activate the faucet with just a wave of the hand near the motion sensors located by the spout and above the top arch.

You can get this Moen faucet at your local Home Depot for about 230 dollars, or around 400 dollars if you opt for the Motion Sense model. I don’t know if other retailers stock them as well. Of all the home improvement retailers I looked at, Home Depot seemed to be the only one that carried Moen faucets. However, you can find them by shopping online at Wal-Mart Marketplace and other online retailers.

The Haysfield faucet installs as easily as any of the modern models that I’ve installed. The convenient quick-connect system on the main spout really helps. Although the specs list on the website says that you’ll need 4 holes for installation, you’ll really only require one hole.

Once I’d removed the existing faucet and cleaned the area, I put the new Moen faucet into place, using an included tool to tighten the mounting nut. A socket-like implement included with the purchase, plus an ordinary screw driver, is all that you need for this task.

It’s really helpful that these tools are included with the faucet, as they really make installation straightforward. The socket itself is made from a sturdy plastic and includes a nut driver at each end, as well as a hole to accommodate your Philips screwdriver or a similar straight tool. With this nut driver, you can tighten the nut that attaches your faucet’s main post to your sink.

The hose that connects the spray wand to the rest of the faucet also uses quick connect installation, making it easy to assemble. The cold and hot water lines are each around 30 inches in length. The smaller connections used for these lines are a common size that will fit most existing valves. With two wrenches for these hoses, a Philips screwdriver and the tool included with the faucet, you’ve got everything you need to install this faucet.

It didn’t take me long to install this model, but I did have to cut a new hole to accommodate the soap dispenser. For this I used a hole saw that’s designed to cut stainless steel. Luckily a friend of mine was able to lend me his set of hole saws, and I had no trouble at all drilling through the thin steel and sanding the hole smooth.

With the soap dispenser and faucet in place, I was now ready to start using it. Right away I noticed that the handle worked a bit differently from other faucets I have used, and it took some getting used to. To turn on the water you need to rotate the handle away from the faucet stem, and you turn it off by pushing it toward the stem.

You control the temperature by pushing the handle up for hot – the hottest setting is when the handle is pointing straight up – or down to a horizontal position for cold water. These unusual movements work well if you install the handle on the right side of the faucet, but it can get a bit crowded if you choose to install the handle on the left.

Installing this faucet with the single handle on the right side was easy, and I really like having the soap dispenser. I’d never realized how convenient it is to be able to add dish soap directly into the sink from a mounted dispenser. To refill the dispenser, you simply pull the pump up and out of the bottle, and refill the bottle without removing it from the sink deck.

Overall, I think this Haysfield faucet is a great addition to my kitchen. The single handle and the included soap dispenser are both great features, helping you wash dishes and keep the sink area clean. It was really easy to install and I didn’t have to buy anything extra. The water lines were easily long enough. Whatever else is happening with your kitchen décor, having a faucet like this will add a touch of elegance.

This model comes with Moen’s lifetime limited warranty, meaning that the manufacturer will replace parts that fail because of material defect or faulty workmanship. They will also replace cartridges if leaks develop. I feel confident in giving the Moen Haysfield kitchen faucet my highest recommendation. It’s a great faucet and you have the added peace of mind of a warranty lasting the lifespan of the original buyer’s house.

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