Moen 7594CSL Arbor Review

Moen 7594CSL Arbor Review

We recently bought the 7594CSL from Moen, and we love it for its user-friendliness, easy installation, operation and design. This faucet comes in such a wide variety of finishes and colors that choosing the finish was a difficult decision in itself! Considering its operation, this faucet is lightweight and easy to deck mount. Leaks and drips have not been an issue at all, and with its modern look and design, the faucet blends seamlessly with our kitchen décor.

The simple elegant lines and classic finishes are accompanied by really good performance. The high arc pull-down spout and the one-handled design make this faucet really easy to operate. This model also has a triple spray mode: rinse, aerated stream and pause. It also complies with ADA requirements. But possibly my favorite part is the fact that you can get this faucet in five distinct finishes. Some look ultra-modern while others are more traditional. Two of this faucet’s outstanding features are the 1255 Duralast cartridge and the quick-connecting Hydrolock system. Best of all, the temperature balancing is finely tuned and doesn’t require any guesswork.

Function: 5 stars (out of 5)

Installation is a breeze with this faucet. The purchase includes detailed instructions for installation from the manufacturer. The fixture is constructed of bronze and stainless steel, giving it a solid sturdy feel. The pull-down spray head can be used either in steady or spray mode, and brilliantly incorporates Hydrolock technology to dock perfectly in the spout every time it retracts. 1255 Duralast cartridges ensure fine spray, and the all metal design makes this faucet long-lasting. The faucet is really easy to use. It is even able to swivel through a full 180 degrees, plus the pull-down spray hose is long enough to fill pots and pans on the countertop nearby.

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  • Simple installation
  • No drips or faults in aerated or in spray mode
  • 180 degree swivel
  • You can mount the handle on either the right or left side


  • Water pressure sometimes drops
  • Washer must be replaced at least annually

Style: 5 stars

This model comes in 5 distinct finishes, and all of them look great. I chose black matte for my kitchen, because I think the faucet looks particularly good with this finish. Black matte adds a little bit of rustic charm to the sleek modern curves of the design. This is not a small faucet, and the size works well for most sinks. If you choose the stainless steel finish, you will find that it resists fingerprints and stains, making it look good for a longer time.

Durability: 5 stars

The 7594CSL from Moen is a really durable faucet. Apart from having to change the washer from time to time, there’s not really anything to cause you trouble. A high-quality finish over a stainless steel interior, along with the option to switch sides with the handle means that this faucet is built for the long haul. The finish won’t chip or peel away, at least according to people who have had this faucet for a long time. I’ve only had mine for about 4 weeks, so I’m not really in a position to comment yet on that issue.

Extras: 5 stars

This model has a pull-down spray and dual operation mode: spray and stream. These modes both work whether the spray head is retracted or pulled down. The reflex system ensures that it operates smoothly and that it docks safely and quickly as soon as you let go of it. The most uncommon feature of this faucet is the option to switch the lever to one side or the other according to your preference.

Repair and Warranty: 5 stars

Moen is committed to good customer service after you buy and offers a lifetime limited warranty. You can contact customer service via a toll-free phone number in an emergency, or you can email them for a less urgent problem. I’ve had no reason to use the toll-free number, but Moen’s customer support has a good reputation for reliability.

Our Rating Overall: 4.8 stars

In my experience, this model offers the complete package: great performance, good features, reliable design, great style and a good warranty. Moen has a reputation for standing behind their products with good customer service, so if you do have any problems down the road you’ll be able to resolve them without a hassle. This faucet is a good choice to have in your life from now on.

Specifications and Features

  • Long reaching pull-down spray head
  • Stainless steel finish resists water spots and doesn’t show fingerprints
  • Reflex system operates smoothly; easy motion and secure docking
  • One-handled ergonomic design

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