Moen 7560CSL Extensa Review

Moen 7560CSL Extensa ReviewMoen has designed some of the best faucets that have ever hit the market. The 7560CSL is from its Extensa line, which features amazingly styled faucet. This one in particular delivers a style that has the potential to blend in perfectly with just about all sorts of kitchen decors. It comes with a conventional deck mount design, which makes it the perfect addition to any kitchen. The Moen 7560CSL comes in a stainless finish, which offers a warm yet lightly brushed grey metallic look.


  • Features exquisite style and design
  • Comes with a pullout spout
  • ADA compliant
  • Features LifeShine finish, which guarantees that the faucet coating will never corrode, tarnish or flake off
  • Easy installation through quick connect system
  • Powerful cleaning rinse through aerated stream
  • Comes with limited lifetime warranty

What others say:

The Moen 7560CSL is not a really popular item on and has not received plenty of reviews. Out of the few that it has managed to receive, a majority have given it negative ratings. However, some have given it a good review as well. People that have given it positive ratings and reviews generally like it for the fact that it is extremely easy to install and that it is great at enhancing the overall appeal of the kitchen. One user has even gone on to claim that her kitchen has a completely new look to it because of this amazing sleek and slender faucet.

However, the larger number of people that have given this Moen faucet negative reviews claim that their units rusted after sometime of being used and the chrome peeled off the plastic shroud. They also claim that the white finish on the handle pales away and bare metal gets exposed. However, the most frequent complaint is that of the unit getting rusty and having a very unappealing look.

All in all, the product is just about worth a try, but it isn’t meant for people who are not risk takers as the overall quality of the faucet is just not guaranteed.