KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Review

Simplifying Your Day-to-Day Kitchen Chores

You may be wondering how a kitchen faucet can possibly make the tasks you do in your kitchen every day simpler. But if you give it some thought, you’ll see that you’re using time and effort every time you manually turn your faucet on or off. If the faucet switched off and on automatically, you would save yourself a lot of time in the course of a day.

There are countless different jobs that you do in and around your kitchen all the time. In my own household, I hear the kitchen faucet switching off and on all the time, and I expect your house is similar. You want your hands to be clean while you prepare food, so you wash them often (especially if you’re preparing raw chicken.) You need to fill up kettles and pots for cooking, and you always have dirty dishes that you need to wash or rinse.

KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate
KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate @Amazon

For all of these reasons and more, I wanted to tell you all about the K-72218-VS Sensate touchless kitchen faucet by Kohler. This is a higher-end model and it’s priced accordingly, but if it fits into your household budget, and if you’re looking for the “best of the best” you won’t be disappointed in this faucet.

Beauty and Power

I may sound as if I’m describing a horse instead of a faucet, but these are the words that came to mind when I was telling someone about this particular model. This faucet is minimalist and yet it’s among the most stylish ones available that I’ve come across. “Minimalist” and “stylish” may not be words that go together in your mind, but Kohler’s design team has somehow managed to pull it off.

This kitchen faucet is available in a variety of colors, including vibrant steel (with or without black accents) and polished chrome (also with or without black accents.) The black accent color adds a touch of style to this minimalist design. The activation of the touchless feature is engineered so that the faucet won’t turn on every time you walk past. There is also a LED display located near the bottom that lets you know when your faucet is ready.

It only takes 20 milliseconds for the water to start flowing when the touchless feature is activated. The unit uses AC power, meaning that you won’t need to keep replacing the batteries as you do with some other touchless models.

Keeping Your Kitchen and Yourself Cleaner

Here’s a scenario you’ve probably experienced at some point: you’ve got gunk all over your hands, you’re holding a pot with one hand and some kind of food in your other hand, and you need to turn on your faucet. What are you going to put down in order to turn on the tap?

With this model, you won’t ever have to worry about this again. Just place a pan or your hand in the faucet’s activation beam and you’ve got running water. You can see how this can make kitchen jobs more convenient and simple, but it also makes your kitchen more hygienic because you won’t be touching anything with your dirty hands.

Additional Features, including Spray Head

This Kohler faucet includes a magnetic system called DockNetik technology. This allows the faucet to operate in both spray and stream functions, and the spray head returns automatically to the faucet and locks in place. The hose features a ProMotion system that makes it simple to use and very quiet. It is made of nylon and includes a ball joint that gives it a lot of manoeuvrability.

Here are some more great features:

  • A handle for adjusting water flow and temperature
  • A corrosion-resistant finish that doesn’t show signs of wear
  • Sturdy ceramic valves for leak prevention
  • MasterClean technology on the spray face resists mineral build-up
  • The convenience of an automatic shut-off

As I mentioned earlier, this is probably not the best choice if you’re on a tight budget. But if you’d like a faucet that’s great-looking and durable, as well as making your daily life easier in the kitchen, you should definitely give this model some serious thought.

To find more information about this faucet, head over to Amazon to see some great deals on the price.

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