KOHLER K-6131-4 Kitchen Faucet Reviews

KOHLER K-6131-4 Kitchen Faucet ReviewsThe K-6131-4 from Kohler has some unforgettable qualities to recommend it. However, there are some surprising faults in this faucet’s design too, given how much you pay for it.

Overall Design and Features

This model comes from Kohler’s Parq line of faucets. It features a bridge design, which I have to say is one of my favorite faucet layouts. The design combines the best of traditional and contemporary elements, while at the same time being very functional, particularly now that such faucets are made with up-to-date leak-free seals and cartridges. This model has all of these points going for it.

This Kohler faucet has a high-arced gooseneck spout that is 14 11/16 inches tall at its peak. It’s 8 inches wide and there’s 9 inches of clearance under the spout. While this is plenty of clearance for most situations, it might not be enough to allow you to fit your biggest pots into the sink without banging into the spout.

K-6131-4 DIM

However, the spout does swivel a complete 360 degrees, allowing you to access the whole area around your sink (given the assumption that you’re installing the faucet somewhere that this would be of benefit to you.) This range of swivel is made possible by the excellent manufacturing – it only works because all of the components are made perfectly. It’s obvious that Kohler is up to the challenge of manufacturing to this level of precision.

This faucet is easy to install. It only weighs about 10 pounds, and at about 8 inches wide, it’s a convenient size for a decent DIY enthusiast to install alone. Of course it always helps to have someone holding onto the faucet neck while you attach everything under the sink, but it isn’t absolutely essential.

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Flow Rate

For me, this is the biggest drawback of this Parq faucet. At 1.8 gallons per minute, the flow rate is okay but not great. You can supplement it with a purpose-made pot filler faucet if you want to be able to fill pots quickly. Whether or not investing in such a feature is worth it to you comes down to your own needs and preferences.

You can, however, purchase optional accessories to raise the flow rate of this faucet to a more generous 2.2 gallons per minute. Check out the high flow kit (1088956). Some people, either by choice or because of legal regulations, may need to lower the flow rate. For this you can use the low flow kit (1089003) to bring it down to just 1.5 GPM.


This model is available in several different finishes, so most people should have no trouble finding one they like. You might prefer the classic chrome (K-6131-4-CP). Personally, I like one that evokes an even earlier period – the smooth, sophisticated polished nickel finish (K-6131-4-SN).

Stainless steel (K-6131-4-VS) is a popular choice because it is durable and easy to clean. You can even get brass (K-6131-4-BV) and bronze (K-6131-4-2BZ) finishes, but it’s important to keep in mind that some finishes cost a lot more than others. But the good news is that you have plenty of choices.

Just a note on the model numbers: the last 2 or 3 letters identify the finish – vibrant stainless, polished chrome, and so on. Sometimes the word Parq may also be included with the model number. Just to be clear, all of the models discussed here belong to the Parq line.

Spray Wand

It has to be said that the side spray wand is not on the same level as the rest of the faucet in terms of manufacturing, quality, and options.

It looks fine at a glance. It’s installed to one side and coordinates with the rest of the fixture. However, the materials used to construct it are inferior and its hose is shorter than it should be. It’s long enough to rinse dishes inside the sink, and it pulls out with a smooth action. But if you want to fill vessels on your counter, it really is a bit too short.

What’s worse, the spray wand doesn’t have a lot of water pressure. For light rinsing it’s probably okay, but if you’re trying to pre-wash some greasy pans, it doesn’t have much power behind it.

On the good side, it’s very easy to use. You activate the spray by pushing a long button, so you really can’t go wrong with that. The sprayface is made of a material that inhibits the buildup of minerals, so keeping it clean is not a problem either.

Other Versions

This faucet offers a lot of different options in other ways besides the finishes that are available.

K-6131-3 is K-6131-4 with Tri Handles

The K-6131-4 has 2 handles, and they are both lever type. It’s easy to operate them with your elbow, which is something I like to do when I have wet or greasy hands. The K-6131-3 instead has a more traditional tri-star design for the handles. As much as I like the look of them, I wouldn’t choose this option. But for many people it may be just what they’re looking for.

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K-6130-4 is K-6131-4 With No Spray Wand

This model is identical to the K-6131-4 in terms of the mounting options, handles, neck, and so on. The only difference is that it doesn’t include the side spray feature. Because the spray wand is the weakest link in this design anyway, if you don’t really want or need a spray wand this might be the best model for you.

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K-6130-3 is K-6131-4 With Tri Handles but no Spray Wand

This one omits the spray wand and includes the tri-handles. Otherwise, it’s exactly like the K-6131-4 and is available in the same selection of finishes.


An Edwardian bridge style of kitchen faucet is just what I would like for my own kitchen. But this Kohler model would not be among my first choices for such a faucet.

Objectively speaking, the Parq faucet line is a high-end collection of faucets. They are durable and well-manufactured. I like the fact that there are so many options, especially the choice of different handle designs. And there’s no denying that they’re easy to install.

But on the whole, I found too many faults to give this one an unqualified thumbs-up, especially regarding the side spray wand. Given the very high price for these models, I think we should expect more.

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