KOHLER K-5316-4-CP Refinia Centerset Lavatory Faucet Review

KOHLER K-5316-4-CP Refinia Centerset Lavatory Faucet, Polished ChromeRating – 5 stars

The Refinia Centerset faucet by Kohler is a high quality fixture at an affordable price. This model offers a stylish-looking high clearance and performs well.

  • Performance/Ease of Use: 23 (out of 25)
  • Feel and Look: 24
  • Features: 23
  • Enjoyment: 22
  • Overall: 92/100

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This centerset bathroom faucet is also available with a separate faucet and handle configuration to fit sinks that have an offset of 4 or more inches. The prices of Kohler faucets range from around 100 dollars to much more than 1000 dollars, but they are all high quality and come with lifetime warranties.

You may think that spending that kind of money on a faucet is extravagant, but all of Kohler’s faucets are guaranteed to be leak and drip free. They will ship replacement parts to you for free if one of their faucets develops a leak during your home’s lifetime. Only the cartridge comes under this warranty, and it’s only valid in the US, Mexico and Canada, but you really can’t beat this warranty.

The warranty also promises that workmanship and materials will be defect-free for the first year of normal home use, provided that it is installed in a home owned by the original buyer. Clearly Kohler believes in the quality of its products, and is willing to stand behind them with this generous warranty.

Both in my own home and at my wife’s business (a daycare) I’ve repaired quite a few faucet drips and leaks in my time. After a while the money you spend on all those o-rings and cartridges starts to add up. I highly recommend a faucet that offers a lifetime warranty on parts, since Kohler’s faucets really are high enough in quality to merit such a warranty.

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The Refinia bathroom faucet is set high enough to allow plenty of clearance for hand washing. If your bathroom gets used a lot, you will appreciate the easy access to the sink that this high spout allows. This faucet is available in either a three-piece or a centerset design. If you already have widely separated holes in your sink, the three-piece configuration will work for you.

This faucet is available in either vibrant brushed nickel or polished chrome, so you’re limited to a silver-toned palette. The column of this two-handle design is elevated above the sink top, and the lever handles operate by being pulled towards you a quarter-turn.

Because the handles are large and work with such a small turning motion, this faucet is easy for both adults and children to use. Installation is easy too, whether you’re starting fresh with a new sink or simply replacing your old sink. The purchase includes a tailpiece and drain.

I bought this Refinia faucet for my sons’ bathroom. They are very happy with the high clearance that allows so much space for hand washing. I replaced both the faucet and sink, so I had the advantage of attaching the faucet before the sink was fixed in place.

This model comes with two 22-inch hoses that use 3/8 inch compression connectors to connect easily to your shut-off valve’s supply fittings. The tallest part of the faucet is 6 ¾ inches high, with a clearance of 5 15/16 inches between the spout and the base.

There is also plenty of clearance between the spout and the handles – the center of the spout is 4 ½ inches from the middle of the handles. The handles themselves are close to 3 inches wide and 4 inches tall. This size is convenient whether you’re a child with small hands or an adult.

The two hoses come with the ends already installed in the faucet, so your only task is to install 2 plastic mounting shanks or nut fittings to secure the fixture to your sink. This model includes a foam base for sealing the faucet where it joins the sink, but if you like you can use silicone sealant or plumber’s putty as well to correct any unevenness in the fit.

I also used plumber’s putty to install the matching sink drain (included with purchase) so that the finish and color would coordinate. Everything you need is included with your purchase, even a tailpiece to connect the sink drain with the pipe fittings underneath it.

An aerator key for removing the aerator during installation is also included. This is important as you want to be sure that there is no debris inside the line before you use the faucet. The manual includes instructions on removing the aerator prior to installation, and flushing out the line to remove any debris.

The aerator contains a screen and a flow device made of plastic to evenly distribute the flow of water to create a steady stream without undue air in the water flow. You won’t likely find this kind of aerator in less expensive faucets, which usually only use a screen to even out the water flow.

Compared to other faucets I’ve installed, this one is as easy and straightforward as any I’ve encountered. Because the lines are pre-connected, there’s not a lot of fussing underneath the sink required to install this one. I didn’t encounter any problems, either with the installation or with the faucet itself in the weeks that we’ve been using it.

My sons say that they love how much space there is under the spout to wash their hands. This is probably one of the biggest assets of this model. The Refinia looks amazing in any bathroom, installs easily, and comes with a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

I recommend this model highly if you want a faucet with lots of clearance, great style, and the security of a limited lifetime warranty.

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