Kohler K-15160-L-0 Coralais Review

Kohler K-15160-L-0 Coralais Review

If you’ve ever tried to buy a white kitchen faucet, you’ll know that they’re not easy to find, particularly if you want a quality product with good features from a respected manufacturer. The Kohler K-15160-L-0 Coralais meets all three of these criteria. This single-handled kitchen faucet also complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, so it is easy to use even for people with disabilities. It features a high-temperature limit control that you can set to the desired temperature, a convenient pull-out spray head, and a touch control for switching between spray and stream. The faucet contains a 1-piece ceramic valve, and the spray face uses MasterClean technology to prevent mineral buildup. The spout allows a good range of rotation.

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• Temperature memory allows you to set a temperature and keep that setting

• Ability to switch smoothly between spray and stream at the touch of a button


• Rate of water flow is a little less than 2.2 gallons per minute

• Supply hoses may be a bit too short, requiring you to buy extensions before installing

Function: 4 stars (out of 5)

This faucet is simple to operate. It‘s also quick and easy to install, with the only possible problem being that the supply hoses that come with the faucet are pretty short. Still, this is a very user-friendly fixture, especially given how it switches between stream and spray modes when you press a button. People with disabilities will love the one-handled design, which makes the faucet so easy to use and control. The spout has a full 12o-degree range of swivel, and the pull-out spray will help you do your kitchen tasks comfortably and conveniently.

Style: 4 stars

The white color of this faucet is both its biggest selling point and its biggest problem. If you really want a white faucet in your kitchen, you’ll be glad that this faucet is high quality and beautifully designed. The problem with white, though, is that keeping it looking clean can be a lot of work. The good news here is that the MasterClean spray face and the 1-piece ceramic valve help to keep this model free of mineral buildup from hard water.

Durability: 5 stars

This faucet is constructed of metal, and though the white finish feels and looks a lot like plastic, the material is sturdy and durable. The spout swivels easily with 120 degrees of rotation, but it doesn’t feel flimsy or fragile.

Extras: 5 stars

This Kohler faucet has a couple of outstanding features. The high-temperature limit and the temperature memory allow you to set a maximum temperature for the hot water. If the water gets too hot the faucet will automatically switch off. This is a great safety feature that will prevent scalding accidents for you and your family.

Repair and Warranty: 5 stars

Kohler promises free customer support and service after you purchase your faucet. If something goes wrong and you need to make a complaint or replace your faucet, customer support will deal with it efficiently. This faucet includes a lifetime limited warranty, as long as you are the original purchaser.

Our Rating Overall: 4 stars

All in all, you don’t need to hesitate about buying this Kohler faucet. Both its design and its features will add something special to your kitchen. The temperature control and memory, retractable spray head, push-button dual mode and single-handle design all make this a faucet you’ll be happy to own. Kohler’s good reputation won’t let you down when it comes to durability, quality and customer service.

Specifications and Features

  • Metal construction
  • White finish
  • Classic style
  • Meets Americans with Disabilities Act requirements
  • Single-handled design
  • Deck mounted
  • High temperature limit
  • Ability to set temperature in faucet’s memory
  • 1-piece ceramic valve
  • MasterClean technology prevents mineral buildup on spray face
  • Dual mode (spray and stream) at the touch of a button

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KOHLER K-15160-L-0 Coralais Single Control Pullout Spray Kitchen Sink Faucet, White