Kitchen trends for 2023

Kitchen trends for 2015

In 2023, trends in kitchen design tend toward somewhat minimalist, streamlined features allowing for free movement and easy access to the whole space. As always, kitchens are above all functional spaces, but they also provide a forum for creativity and personal choice. Here are some of the key points of design to look for in kitchens this year.

1. Neutral, subdued tones

According to surveys, people still prefer kitchens with neutral backdrops of greys and whites. These colors are unobtrusive and clean, providing a ground for whatever design theme you choose. Neutral colors also look good with both industrial and natural materials, including chrome and wood trimming and flooring.

2. Streamlined practical appliances

Sinks, faucets and other features are more than ever taking on an architectural flavor. These items are designed with functionality and practicality in mind. Faucets with high clearance make large pots easier to wash, and a spout that swivels makes kitchen multitasking easier. Small, sleek appliances are taking the place of bigger, bulkier ones, and are functioning at least as well as their bulkier counterparts, if not better. Big ranges are giving way to induction stoves which heat faster, are easier to clean, look sleek, and save space. Multipurpose appliances like coffee percolator-grinders are also gaining popularity.

3. Bigger windows or brighter lighting

Really good lighting can make even a small kitchen space more usable. Designs in 2023 make maximum use of windows and open floor plans that allow for natural lighting. Windows that open easily will save you energy if you use your kitchen a lot during daylight. Windows are also a good way to ventilate, getting rid of steam and the smells of dinners past.

Good artificial lighting also makes your kitchen more convenient and practical. Drop lights are popular over the counter, where you can change the shades to change the mood of the lighting easily. LED and other energy-efficient bulbs are replacing incandescent lighting, and these can also be used for pilot lights.

4. Tiled backsplashes combine aesthetics and function

Whether you opt for the colorful mosaic look or more understated subway tiles, glass tiles are no longer purely functional surfaces behind the stove or sink. Backsplashes are being treated increasingly as accent pieces, providing a splash of texture or vivid color in an otherwise neutral palette. Of course, they also make it much easier to clean up after cooking.

5. Better storage and cabinet access

The kind of open shelving you often see in hotel and restaurant kitchens is now finding its way into home kitchens too. If your kitchen is not so busy, you can also opt for pull-out racks dedicated to specific implements and utensils, keeping them free of dust and out of your sight. “Invisible” cabinet doors that blend with countertops and walls for a minimalist look are gaining popularity too.