How to Select A Kitchen Faucet Based On The Finishing

Of course function is a major concern when you’re deciding what faucet to buy, but you should also take aesthetics into consideration. A brass faucet would look out of place if the rest of your kitchen is mainly stainless steel. So, a kitchen faucet’s finishing is definitely going to have an impact on your kitchen décor.

The finish refers to the surface or final coat on the spout, sprayer, handles and other parts. Think about the rest of your kitchen appliances, your décor, lighting and paint color while you’re deciding what finish will look best in there. Don’t forget about durability. You will want to know if your faucet finish can deal with smudges, scratches, rusting and discoloration. Does the manufacturer include a decent warranty period? If so, you can bet that the faucet is made to last.

This guide to finishes is intended to help you decide which finishes might work in your house. Hue, colors and texture might vary from model to model.

Today’s Popular Finishes


This comes in different super-finishes, including polished, brushed and matte. Chrome is an economical choice and it is durable and very easy to keep clean. It is rust and oxidization resistant, but has a tendency to hold on to water marks.



This is available in brushed or satin super-finishes. Nickel, like chrome, is durable and easy to clean. Look for a nickel faucet that has a titanium top coating to prevent the surface from scratching and tarnishing.


Mixed Metallic TonesMixed Metallic Tones

Some finishes combine two or more materials or metals. You need to make sure that these finishes are very well- matched to your décor, or the faucet will be an eyesore. Some popular combinations are satin nickel with polished brass, brushed nickel with polished chrome, and nickel and white.



This antique finish is available in traditional, satin and high gloss. Brass faucets are very durable and long-lasting, resisting signs of wear.




This finish is one of the most popular ones among lovers of the rustic look. You can use it with pastel or neutral colors. Best of all, bronze faucets can use oil-rubbed, polished or brushed textures. Bronze is good at standing up to scratches, tarnishing and corrosion.


Solid ColorsSolid Colors

These faucets are generally inexpensive as they don’t have metallic finishes. Instead, they are coated with an epoxy or enamel finish that is quick and easy to clean. White, black and ivory are the most popular colors.


If you plan to buy a bar faucet or secondary faucet, try to avoid getting the exact same finish that you have on the main faucet. Although most people would think matching the finishes would look better, it has a tendency to make the larger faucet look less appealing.