How to Give Your Kitchen A Spin of Style?

How to Give Your Kitchen A Spin of Style

Spending time in your kitchen every day can get boring after a while. Just as having to go to the same old office or classroom every day can be monotonous, having to spend hours in a badly-designed kitchen will get you down too. A kitchen design with a sense of style can make you actually look forward to preparing meals, instead of dreading your day-to-day kitchen tasks. Until recently, people have mostly seen faucets as utilitarian, but these days kitchen faucets can add a lot to your kitchen’s overall style. A new faucet can even be like a mini-makeover for your kitchen.

Here are some of your options if you’re looking to add some style to your kitchen with a new faucet:

Black Faucets

A black faucet will add a touch of class and sophistication to your kitchen design. If you have a modern kitchen that’s fitted with up-to-date appliances and gadgets, black will work well for you. Black will make your kitchen look urban and state-of-the-art. But first, think about whether or not black actually suits the color palette in your kitchen. If you’ve got an all-white kitchen, for example, a black faucet is just going to look too harsh. You’ll also have to choose between glossy or matte finishes, so take a look at your kitchen and see which one would fit better. From a practical standpoint, black is great because it doesn’t show every little mark. It stays looking clean, and a simple wipe with a damp cloth is all you need to keep it looking good.

White Faucets

For an elegant look, why not try a white faucet? If you have a kitchen that is decorated in pastels or light colors, a white faucet may complement your décor perfectly. White also gives your kitchen an immaculately clean look. Unlike with black faucets, however, you have to do a bit of work to keep a white faucet looking clean. Every little bit of grease or dirt will show up.

Varied Colors

For those of you who love vibrant colors, there are plenty of options other than just black or white. You can find kitchen faucets in solid colors such as blue and red, among others. Find one that suits your tastes and looks good with the color scheme in your kitchen. A subdued room shouldn’t have a shocking color for the faucet, and a colorful room wouldn’t look its best with a dull faucet. One downside of colored faucets is that the finish tends to chip or discolor with usage over time.

Traditional Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Whether your kitchen is modern or traditional, an oil-rubbed bronze faucet can be a great choice. This finish can help you strike a balance between classic and contemporary in your décor. Bronze faucets are also fairly easy to maintain.

Stainless Steel

This is another classic look for a kitchen faucet. Stainless steel looks good in almost any setting and with any décor. The one exception is if you’ve designed your kitchen to have a vintage feel. In this case stainless steel may look jarring and too contemporary. This finish is very resistant to scratches, and it is easy to maintain.

Other Choices

You can also find faucets that are nickel plated, copper plated, chrome plated or brass. Copper can get a bit pricey, but chrome is easily affordable. Chrome also stands up well to wear and tear, much like stainless steel. Brass and nickel are great choices for very modern kitchen designs.

A kitchen faucet should suit your own taste, but it should also fit in with the décor in the rest of your kitchen. With so many options out there, you should be able to find one that does both.