Five Things You Should Know Before You Buy a New Kitchen Faucet

kitchen faucet handlesWhether you’re replacing an old kitchen faucet or buying for the first time, you should keep a few things in mind before you buy. This site is here to offer some pointers and answer some of the questions you probably have if you’re in the market for a new faucet. In general, you should buy the highest quality faucet that you can, because it’s worth what you pay in the long run. And now for the five important tips to help ensure that you end up with the best faucet for your kitchen.

1. Installation and Repair

Will you be installing and repairing the faucet yourself, or will you be calling in a plumber to do it for you? Most faucets that you buy today are designed so that you can install them yourself. The installation process is easy enough for most people to handle. Still, there are many people who prefer to have a professional work on their plumbing because they are afraid of mishandling the parts and causing leaks. If you have any doubts about your ability to install your new faucet, it’s best not to risk it and have a plumber install it instead. If you’re replacing a faucet or some of its parts, it’s probably better to do it on your own because you will end up paying much more for the labor than you did for the part itself. When you buy a faucet, find out if all the parts are locally available.

2. How Many Holes Does Your Sink Have?

If you’re upgrading your kitchen faucet, it’s easiest if the new faucet you buy uses the same number of installation holes in the sink’s deck as the faucet you already have. Traditionally, double-handled faucets required three holes to install the spout and two handles. Often a sprayer would require an additional hole. These days, single-handled faucets are more common and these only require one hole for installation. If you use a side spray, that will require its own hole. Because they’re so easy to use and maintain, single-handled kitchen faucets are now the most popular. If you’re beginning with a brand-new sink, you can of course choose whatever faucet you like and put as many holes in the sink as you need in order to install it.

3. What Kind of Handles Do You Need?

Kitchen faucets in general have either a single handle that you turn in order to control the temperature of the water, or two handles that you use to combine hot and cold water. The single-handle models have a handle that’s either attached to the main faucet or placed off to one side. Single-handled faucets are easier to maintain and use, and have become the most popular type. Lever handles are more convenient because you and operate them easily, even using your elbow to turn on the water if you have raw chicken all over your hands. Levers are also much easier to use if you have any physical disabilities. You can even get faucets with touch-sensitive levers that make it super-easy to keep the faucet clean because you don’t have to touch the levers with dirty hands.

4. Invest in a Spray Wand

In modern faucets, the spray wand is often built in to the spout itself, and a soap dispenser is often included as well. A pull-down spray wand with multiple functions is the best option. Many customers say that this kind of arrangement is a necessity. Try to get a model with high-quality buttons on the sprayer. Again, try to buy a one-handled faucet that includes an undermounted soap dispenser. Faucets with built-in sprayers are available as either pull-down or pull-out designs. The separate side spray is also still available. When you’re shopping for your faucet, make sure that the sprayer is just as high-quality and durable as the rest of the faucet.

5. Water Filtration in Kitchen Faucets

Modern faucets now often include a water filtration unit enabling you to get clean, filtered water right from your faucet. Filtration can help keep your tap water free of germs and dirt. Look for a kitchen faucet with the highest quality filtration system you can find.

Tips on How to find the best kitchen faucets

Of course, there are lots of other things you should know before you purchase your new kitchen faucet. The upcoming posts will deal with these things in more detail. One last quick piece of advice: what brand you go with is important, so give some thought to the different brands that are out there. Find the Best Kitchen Faucet Brands 2015.