Delta 16971-SSSD-DST Velino Review

Delta 16971-SSSD-DST Velino Review

The 16971-SSSD-DST by Delta combines the modern and the classic in its structure, shape and style. It blends tradition and innovation perfectly in its timeless design, which won’t look out of place in any kitchen. This model includes Delta’s patented technologies – MagnaTite docking and Diamond Seal – so you know that you’ll have this faucet for many years to come. Also, the lifetime limited warranty is a promise that Delta stands behind this product and will replace or repair it if it is in any way defective. The pull-down spray head operates in 2 different modes: aerated stream and spray, and you can switch between them with the toggle switch. This switch is so quick and easy that you can change modes in the middle of whatever task you’re doing. The purchase includes a soap dispenser, which is a pleasant touch that adds to the overall effect. A brilliant finish completes this classic faucet’s look.

Function: 4 stars (out of 5)

This model is easily among the most convenient and functional faucets in Delta’s collection. It includes all the usual Delta features like Diamond Seal technology and the MagnaTite spray head docking system. These technologies help with the faucets practical functionality as well as making it more durable. At first, I found the retracting action of the spray wand to be a little on the stiff side, but with use it got more comfortable. My favorite thing about using this faucet is the way you can change so easily between spray and aerated mode using the toggle switch. Unlike with so many other faucets, you don’t need to hold the button down in either mode. I have my doubts about how long the soap dispenser will last, but for now it’s fine.

Delta 16971-SSSD-DST Velino featured
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  • Easy to install
  • Convenient and simple function
  • Good quality finish and best quality technologies


  • The counterweight can slow down the pull-down spray feature
  • Top of soap dispenser is plastic

Style: 5 stars

This faucet combines classic and contemporary elements, but on the whole the design mostly has a modern feel. The optional deck plate mounting and the side soap dispenser give you some options when it comes to fitting it into your existing kitchen design. That means you can customize the arrangement to some degree.

Durability: 5 stars

Even when you compare it to Delta’s other faucets, this model is more durable because of its stainless steel construction. Of course there’s always the possibility that it will need repairing at some point, but having a lifetime warranty will really help with that. Given the price of this faucet, it’s a really good investment for your kitchen.

Extras: 3 stars

This faucet really only includes 2 extra features. One is the toggle switch located on the head of the faucet. The other is the soap dispenser. This soap dispenser only works with thin liquid soap. If you want to use most liquid hand soaps with it, you’ll get a lot of air bubbles.

Repair and Warranty: 5 stars

The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Most replacement parts will be shipped to you at no cost. You’re unlikely to need to repair anything except the counterweight every couple of years. It has a tendency to corrode and over time it will slow down the sprayer if you don’t change it. As always, Delta’s customer support is great, even when you call them late at night.

Our Rating Overall: 4.4 stars

This is a really good faucet, and one that you’ll have around for a good many years. Not everyone will love it, but it’s very functional and durable over time. This model is my personal favorite of the Delta faucets, even though there are nicer finishes and better features available. This faucet really wins because it gives you such great value for the money that you pay. For this price, it’s not likely that you’ll find another faucet as good as this one.

Specifications and Feature

  • Flawless lines and classic design
  • MagnaTite docking system ensures that the spray head fits the spout perfectly
  • Coordinating soap dispenser is included
  • Ergonomic one-hand design
  • Diamond Valve technology make the faucet last a long time
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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