Danze D454557RB Opulence Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Review

Danze D454557RB Opulence Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet ReviewThe D454557RB from Danze is a kitchen faucet with a Victorian aesthetic, enhanced by the oil-rubbed bronze finish. This retro faucet uses a single hole for installation. This model is available in a wide variety of different finishes compared to other faucets, including antique copper, black satin, chrome, stainless steel, and of course, oil-rubbed bronze. The curves and details in this model give it an almost hand-crafted look. The wide swivel capacity makes this faucet suitable for a double sink. The spray head offers two different spray modes, which you can choose depending on what you need in the moment. This faucet is made using ceramic valves.


This is an amazing faucet for the price (less than 300 dollars) in my opinion. It looks great and it works well too. There are not any major drawbacks or deal-breakers with this model. If you want a stylish faucet on a budget, check this one out.


  • Retro look and finish
  • Elegant design
  • Quality materials used
  • 5 available finishes
  • Counterweight mechanism
  • Ceramic valves
  • Heavy-duty, high quality spout


  • Handling is difficult
  • Not easy to clean
  • Plastic spray head
  • Hose doesn’t pull out smoothly

Functionality: 4.5 stars out of 5

I really love the way this faucet looks, especially with its retro vibe, but I did have some problems with it. Installing it was a big headache, as the feed pipes were not long enough for my plumbing. Once it was installed I had an okay time using it. I didn’t like the fact that the spray wand sometimes got stuck if I pulled it a bit too far. At that point the only way to get it back was to push it slowly into place.

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Spray Wand: 4.5 stars

This offers you two modes – spray and stream – and it’s easy to toggle between them. The one thing to note is that the spray wand is made partly of plastic. If you tend to use it roughly, this will probably crack over time. The nylon hose looks cheap and flimsy, and it doesn’t reach very far into your sink. I even had trouble using it to access all parts of my 10-inch deep sink. That’s something you should know before you purchase.

Look & Feel: 5 stars

Danze offers five different finishes with this model, and all of them keep the retro feel and look. When it was newly released, this model was priced at about 500 dollars, but it has since dropped to less than 300 dollars making it much more affordable for many people. The stainless steel finish matched my sink surprisingly well.

Life Time: 4.5 stars

This model is okay when it comes to durability, but no more than okay. The look doesn’t hold up well and the counterweight presents some problems. It’s easy to pull the hose out to hard, giving you no option but to mishandle it back into place. This can cause damage and corrosion over time inside the faucet. I think that Danze could do better, but then again the lifetime warranty is reassuring.

Extras: 4 stars

The style and appearance are this faucet’s best features, as well as the selection of finishes available. This is where this faucet really shines compared to others. The spray feature… not so much.

Warranty: 5 stars

You can’t get better than Danze regarding customer service and support. This faucet comes with a lifetime warranty. You may end up paying for some replacements though, as the warranty is limited. At minimum the faucet should be good for about 8 or 10 years.


If I can forget the installation process (and I wish I could!) my experience with this faucet was good overall. I definitely have a bias towards a retro style, but even taking that into account I’d say this is a good choice if you’re upgrading your kitchen. It provides a lot of features at a low price, for those of you on a tight budget. Of course if you prefer contemporary designs you’re not likely to choose this faucet.

This is an amazing faucet for the price in my opinion. It looks great and it works well too. There are not any major drawbacks or deal-breakers with this model, so if you’re looking for a stylish faucet on a budget, check this one out.

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