Danze D205058 / D206558 Parma Pot Filler Review

I must admit that this pot filler, the Parma D205058 from Danze, didn’t make much of a first impression on me. I thought it had no style at all. But I quickly got over my initial reaction. Even though the style is about as simple as it could possibly be, its functionality more than makes up for its plain appearance.

You can buy this pot filler in either a wall-mounted version (D205058) or deck-mounted (206558). I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, because both were excellent.


Pot fillers, as the name implies, are faucets used to make filling pots fast and easy. The Danze Parma fulfills this function admirably.

Wall-Mounted (D205058): The large size and reach of this model makes filling pots easy. At 6.24 inches high and 3 inches wide, this faucet has a reach of 22 inches. This model is also easy to install, thanks to a great design, and it weighs only 5.5 pounds.

Wall-Mount version (D205058)Wall-Mount version (D205058) parts

Deck-Mounted (D206558): This model has approximately the same amount of reach (21 inches depending how you measure it). The spout is 10 inches high if you measure from the counter.

Deck-Mount version (D206558)Deck-Mount version (D206558) partsArticulated 2-Piece Spout: The spout design in both the deck-mounted and wall-mounted models makes this faucet easy to use. If you install your pot filler directly above your stove, you can do away with the need to carry big heavy pots full of water to your stove from the sink.

Every gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. A big cooking pot itself can be quite heavy, so with the added weight of a couple of gallons of water, you’re dealing with something quite difficult to carry. If you cook a lot of pasta or soup stocks, you’re familiar with this problem. That’s why you can install a pot filler right where it’s needed.

The articulated design means that when you’re done filling your pots, you can just fold the faucet back and out of your way. Because you have the option of either deck-mounted or wall-mounted, you can easily find the pot filler that works best with the layout of your kitchen.

For me, the deck-mounted model worked better. My kitchen island features a low counter directly behind my stove. If my stove was close to a wall, I probably would have preferred the wall-mounted pot filler. Whichever mounting you choose, the arms will move smoothly but firmly, as well as silently.

2 Ceramic Disk Valves: Drips and leaks will not be an issue with either of these models. The ceramic valves, combined with the solid brass fittings, make this leak-free performance possible.

None of these components would be of use without the excellent manufacturing that Danze is famous for. This company has earned its high reputation for producing well-made faucets with a very low rate of defects.

The ceramic disks mean that these Parma faucets will work like new well into the future. If they ever do start leaking, Danze offers a lifetime limited warranty. Call their excellent customer service department and they will send a replacement promptly.

It’s best to get this installed by someone who knows what they’re doing. If it’s not completely level it won’t be as easy to use.

Now that I’ve told you about the “easy” part, it’s time for the “quick.”

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Flow Rate

Flow RateBecause you’re buying a pot filler specifically for the purpose of filling large pots, you want a faucet that will do so quickly and efficiently. For this reason, pot fillers tend to aim for a higher flow rate than regular faucets – that is, they produce more water over a shorter amount of time. But the term “high flow rate” may be a bit misleading.

The flow rates of these Danze models both vary according to your water pressure. Both allow for a maximum flow rate of a generous 2.5 gallons per minute with 80 PSI of pressure. Even if your water pressure is only 60 PSI, these pot fillers will have a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute. Compare that to most good kitchen faucets that have flow rates of about 1.8 GPM.

There are definitely pot fillers on the market that exceed 2.5 GPM. Some of Delta’s models (the 1177Lf for example) offer 4 GPM, while some of Moen’s provide as much as 5.5 GPM. These pot fillers are all good models.

In this case, you don’t always “get what you pay for.” There is a very good pot filler by Rohl that is about the same size as the Parma but costs about 1300 dollars. Its flow rate is only about 2.5 GPM.

The Danze pot fillers are somewhere in the middle when it comes to flow rate, but they’re definitely high quality fixtures. At about 200 to 300 dollars, they’re much more affordable than the Rohl faucet, as great as it is.


These Parma pot fillers both come in a choice of two different finishes: Stainless Steel (D205058SS, D206558SS) or Chrome (D205058, D206558). This limited selection of finishes is unfortunate. Neither of them fits in well with my own kitchen décor, for which I would need a champagne finish, or oil-rubbed bronze or even matte black.

But this is another matter of personal preference. For many homeowners, the two available finishes will work fine with their décor.


The Parma pot fillers by Danze, both the deck-mounted and the wall-mounted models, are not going to amaze you with their style. Although, that’s just my personal opinion, and some people might really appreciate the bare-bones simplicity of their design. But there’s no arguing that these faucets offer superb functionality. They are durable, reliable and easy to use. If you like the look of these, they are great value for the money and you won’t be disappointed in them.

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