Best Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet – Delta 21966LF-SS Dennison Review

Classic Design Meets Modern Functionality

Before I get started on the review, I’d like to share a little story about some recent clients of mine. I was remodeling a kitchen for a couple who had spent a lot of time saving up to pay for the kitchen of their dreams. Not surprisingly, I was especially eager to give them exactly the kitchen they wanted. They were both dedicated cooks, so I really had to be sure that every detail suited their needs and taste.

Dealing with this great couple was a breeze right up until it was time to choose a style for their kitchen faucet. One of them was concerned above all with function and convenience, but the other one was set on finding a faucet that fits with their rustic style sense.

Delta 21966LF-SS Dennison
Delta 21966LF-SS Dennison @Amazon

I showed them lots of different models, including some that I’ve reviewed here on this site, but we couldn’t find the one faucet that was just right. Finally we hit on the 21966LF-SS Dennison by Delta. Right away they both seemed interested.


This faucet features a two-handled bridge design. This model’s spout has 360 degrees of swivel (which is very convenient) and it extends over your sink in a nice arc. The spout sits between the hot lever and the cold lever. A side spray in a matching design is also available.

The aesthetic of this faucet would work in a traditional farmhouse kitchen, but the brilliant finish in stainless steel also gives it a modern vibe in the right context.


I mentioned the swiveling spout above, but it’s also important to note that the spout sits at just the right height to make filling big pots and vessels easy. Some side spray models can burn your hand when you use hot water, but this model is extremely well insulated so you can use it comfortably.

You’ll love using this side spray to wash fresh produce easily, as well as to rinse the sink without making a big mess and getting water everywhere. This faucet has a very smooth motion when you’re using it, and best of all, it looks and feels like it should cost much more than it actually does.

Now you can see why the couple in question took such a shine to this kitchen faucet. For you, I’m also including some of the other features that you’re probably interested in.

  • It is ADA compliant – but only provided that you install it correctly. Proper installation ensures its ADA compliant status, but it also means you’ll avoid some problems I’ve heard about, such as a spout that wobbles around.
  • The overall stainless steel finish makes this kitchen faucet resistant to fingerprints and hard water spotting.
  • The faucet complies with Vermont and California’s low lead criteria.
  • The faucet and the finish come with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

All’s Well that Ends Well

The couple went ahead and bought this Delta kitchen faucet, and they couldn’t be happier! Both the convenience and the aesthetic of the faucet were exactly what they wanted in their new dream kitchen. If you’d like more information, I’d suggest that you look on Amazon. They usually have lots of this item in stock, they offer great discounts, and can ship it to you quickly.

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