Best Kitchen Faucet with Separate Spray – Delta 4453-SS-DST Linden Review

An Affordable Choice that Looks Like You Broke the Bank!

Your search for the perfect kitchen faucet may already have led you to many websites. And I feel your pain. I’ve drawn on my personal experience over the course of many months, not to mention a lot of research, in order to put together this selection of reviews highlighting the best kitchen faucets that are currently available.

Delta 4453-SS-DST Linden
Delta 4453-SS-DST Linden @Amazon

My aim was to provide you with some honest reviews of the models that I’ve seen. Right now I’d like to talk about a particular single-handled faucet with a separate spray, the Delta 4453-SS-DST.

Design – The first thing most people ask about

People have started placing a lot of importance on design when they’re choosing a faucet for their kitchen (for any room, really). This is partly because manufacturers are now offering so many more options, and there’s a growing awareness that your faucet can contribute to the style sense of your décor instead of being just a functional object.

This Delta faucet is called the Linden, and takes its design inspiration from the shape of a linden tree. I think this faucet is among the best looking ones out there. If you step back from it, you can almost imagine that it’s got branches growing towards the sun! What’s more, this faucet gives you a lot of color choices, and it’s available in bronze, stainless steel and chrome.

But don’t forget function!

The faucet is controlled by one single lever, which means that you only need to use one hand to control the flow and temperature. The matching side spray has a design that fits comfortably into your hand. All it takes is a gentle squeeze to make it work.

The spray nozzle is wider than many of the other models out there, allowing you to fill pots and other vessels more easily and without a lot of splashing. You’ll also love using it to clean your sink and to wash fruits and vegetables.

One of my favorite things about Delta faucets is that they use DiamondTM Seal technology. Most of us don’t remember to think about how “healthy” the inside of the faucet is, and this is a big reason that so many of them fail. The manufacturer has taken this into consideration and incorporated tiny diamonds into the interior surface of the faucet.

Diamonds are known for being the hardest material in the world, so this technology ensures that you won’t have any leaking. This is the most durable (on the inside) faucet that you will ever find. Diamond Seal also means that your water won’t be contaminated by substances that might be present in other surfaces.

This faucet also features a brilliant finish that I love. I honestly can’t tell you how this technology works, but the finish resists the scratches and abrasions that you often see with ordinary brass or chrome.

Other Considerations

When it comes time to install your faucet, I would recommend using a professional plumber (in fact, the manufacturer recommends this too). There have been some complaints about temperature control problems and even dripping. You can avoid all this if a real plumber does the installation. The purchase includes a 10 ½ inch escutcheon, so that’s one thing you won’t have to go looking for. The warranty that Delta offers with this product is comprehensive.

One final point I want to talk about is the faucet’s dimensions. Some people have commented that this model is a bit shorter than they would like, so think about what size of faucet you really need before you buy.

To get more information about this product, check it out on Amazon. They talk about size and other technicalities, and I’ve seen some great deals there too!

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